Doctors Neil Gilevich feels great

Yesterday it was reported that Neil Gilevich in languid condition with a suspected heart attack lechkomissii transferred from the fifth clinical clinic in the Department of Neurosurgery.
Head of the department of the second nevrahirurgichnaga Alexander Baranovsky confirmed that Neil really Simonovic is currently there. Diagnosed as "heart", fortunately, was not confirmed. As for microstroke and health status of the national poet, Alexander Baranovsky said nevrahirurg Radio Liberty:
"He probably was more than one, but he carried them on his feet. This microstroke that on present day it does not interfere. He has age configuration in vessels as indeed all people Incline age.
I reversed a few minutes talking to him. Now he comes to be excellent. By As the last, us as microsurgery orwhat to do no need no surgical intervention is required. We will cure it, and hopefully the following week, here and there on Thursday, we translate it back into the office for the next nevralyagichnae healing in Lechkomissiyu. Padlechytstsa sensitive and will again create … "Tags: Gilevich, heart attack, lechkomissiya, nevrahirurgiya

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