Dollar currency will become non grata in Belarus?

In fact, everyday appreciation of oil and raw materials, as the protracted crisis in the mortgage market in the United States give economists predict base: buck will "fall" to continue. In general, the Belarusians forecasts are not particularly concerned about, and a South American currency as before remains in the midst of the most relevant. Belarusians rescue their savings from the global financial crisis?
Chairman of the Association of Belarusian Banks Felix Chernyavskii believes that in the foreseeable future to be frightened of global trends is not necessary, as in Belarus ruble and dollar directly attached to each other and parallel to depreciate:
"So, that’s all very hurt people, it is unlikely. We, of course, more calculations are not in euros and in dollars, in other words in the estimates we to buck pryvyazvaemsya. But the final calculations are carried out within the country in rubles and in principle goes like this: and wages and prices in dollars here and there are equally changed. Because such a strong impact on the population do not. And who took loans in foreign currency, for example, in dollars, then, of course, for their general insignificant decline in profitability, because it has to return the lowest amount. practice where there is an exchange and is a course in the database of the State Bank of any problems until you get. "
As said Alexander Gurkov, Officer 1st of commercial banks Minsk, This year Belarusians again suffered their savings in banks. Though at the end of last year, the situation was the reverse — the rumors about the probable Bankovaja crisis led to people began to terminate contracts and take deposits with funds:
"Here, certainly, the total reflection of the situation in the economy. Just people need somewhere to invest funds. Earlier afraid that they will be picked up, eksprapryyuyuts now believe that they will all take themselves. Also expect to guarantee stability in the cash flow. A financial stability is determined by the state, with its own part, the government maintains these commitments. And as a result a certain confidence — that the amount of deposits grows slowly. "
According to the National Bank of disk imaging, household deposits in Belarusian banks in terms of the national currency have gained almost 11 trillion rubles. Increase from the beginning in 2008 exceeded 181 billion rubles. At the end of February on deposits in national currency deposits closer to 7 trillion rubles and in foreign — 1.8 billion dollars.
Now when placing funds in the banks are increasingly preferred deposits with a longer shelf life. Such denominated cash deposits and only in January increased by 400 billion rubles.
Middle of the main directions of the monetary policy for the year 2008 the government anticipates the upcoming 3.5 trillion rubles zaluchenne contributions people.
Economist Lena Rakov also inclined to believe that the Belarusian government will keep to the last about today’s value of the ruble and the dollar, because it would otherwise have to face monetary collapse:
"I think nothing special with bucks will not, because there are very highest stakes games. Other words, if the government will do something with the bucks, all ruble deposits will be transferred to Baksova. What is even worse, and so as not enough currency. Because I think that the government will stay the course until the last. Maybe a couple of rubles reduce buck, but fundamentally no configurations will not. continue, speak out so zapazychvanne zabugornyh on markets in order to balance supply and demand prapanavanne currencies. pessimistic expectations no. This is easier then immediately recognize that we will have a large cash Bankovaja crisis. "
In general, many believe that to keep funds in banks in today’s shaky position of global currencies is risky. Doctor, past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich states that in globally become popular investments in precious metals:
"In the last two years to pay the highest dividends received by those who invested in, say, gold or platinum. Such facts are there, but as long-term trend, it is hard to say."
Correspondent"Everything had hoped that the dollar is the strongest in the world, but it turned out not quite so. Means and gold there is the risk?"
"With gold is unlikely as gold — it’s all the same metal, and not a piece of paper. And no amount of gold is dependent on the central bank which prints the paper from time to time is greater than the mass of commodities there. Other words there is an imbalance. Indeed stability of paper money provided by the fact that the amount of money equivalent to the number of products on the market. And this proportion exceeds the amount of money, then the price rises. There is a mathematical relationship. "
Only for the first two months of 2008 in Belarus population and legal entities sold almost 15 thousand gold ingots total mass of about half a ton. According to professionals in the National Bank, the highest demand for gold is first explained how and read Stanislav Bogdanovich that the population uses it as the 1st of the more profitable today methods to save your own savings. Tags: dollar, the National Bank, the course

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