Drogichin: find the offender to find — BPF

The details of the incident said "Freedom" Managing the regional branch of the BPF Ales Fur:

Ales Fur"My friends and I gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BPF Party, specially chosen; as statedcamping, quiet corner. And here broke six policemen Drogichin police department. Senior Commissioner Oleg Martynovych stated that they seek out unsafe offender and must conduct a search. When the painstaking search has not given results, the police claimed to have copied our passports and information about each. "
Brest human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin, which also searched the police, said:
"The region has started to execute the installation Lukashenko, who had previously promised in Belarus opposition will not be through the floorafter year the election. "

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