Dzh.Mur: After the elections in the U.S., our attitude towards Belarus will not change

He recalled that Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain time tried to come to Belarus, but they were denied visas. Sen. Barack Obama also knows the situation in Belarus.
"Unfortunately, all what’s happening at the moment, is not in Belarus very decent light "- allocated chargé d’affaires of the United States. He said that if you look all laws that were passed by the U.S. Congress on the situation human rights and democracy in Belarus, they are equally supported by Republicans and Democrats. "I do not think that Washington’s position will change if Belarus did not make fundamental steps to change the situation," — said the South American diplomat.
Moore does not expect the European Union to accede to U.S. sanctions against "Belneftekhim" concern. "The European Union is dependent on the supply energoelementov who go to including and in Belarus, because Europe is very difficult to decide on accession to the sanctions, "- said Moore.
With all this, he recalled that the EU, like the U.S., decided to freeze the accounts of high-ranking Belarusian officials and ban them on their arrival area. Incidentally, April 10 the European Union will consider whether to continue the sanctions for another year. "We have taken additional steps that the EU did not, and the U.S. and the EU reach a common goal," — said the South American diplomat.
By him, U.S. and EU waiting for "unconditional release" of Alexander Kozulin, who is considered a political prisoner. "Kozulin — a principled man — identified Moore — but if he gets out, and other people are under investigation for political reasons, our actions will be the same. The decision to lift the sanctions will be made in Washington. "
The diplomat also noted that the United States will look closely for courts over youth activists Catherine Solovevoj March 27 in Polotsk and Andrei Kim on April 1 in Minsk.
"If all the political prisoners will be released, we are ready to resume dialogue with Belarus at the highest level that possible to make our case, "- said the temporary U.S. attorney in Belarus Jonathan Moore. Tags: united states, Dzh.Mur, Belarus

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