Each apartment at the wish to save 60 watts

In Minsk and regional centers at the moment chosen few houses where people had agreed to a role in the experience. Employees "Belenergo" changed the light bulbs in their homes, a spokeswoman told the Department of Energy Jeanne Zenkevich:

"It changed everyday napalvannya lamps to energy saving bulbs Russian company" Space. "They are free on the basis of these lamps are changed. This was in late February. During March, these readings will zamyaratstsa how to trade energaspazhyvanne."
By special "Belenergo" Vitaly gnawed, Not all inhabitants of the elected House agreed to the role of such an experience.
"About half of the inhabitants of every house in some places more, and in some places less, on average, half of the inhabitants."
Soon after the experiment, in the Department of Energy plans to share "Minus 60 watts in each apartment." Specialists believe that if we change all the light bulbs in the apartment, the reduction can reach up to 20 m energaspazhyvannya every month. These bulbs are in stores 6 -10 thousand. Jeanne Zenkevich said:
"We urge that each went to the store and bought a light bulb for the money and changed it."

We will call so that everyone went to the store and bought a light bulb for the money and changed it

In the doorways of some homes also installed lighting systems that react to sound.
Director ZhESa number 108 in Minsk, said that not all the residents like it:
"People complain they are not very. Often not immediately light up as they go. They’re willing, so went and burned already. But you need to go, and then react. And about these energy-saving, I think, people do not very curious. "
In the municipal authorities are trying to save energy by administrative means. For example, in the Pushkin Library in Minsk uttered that use laptops there can be, but not officially.
"Officially it is not allowed, and not smoking. This is the official permission, we can not give, because it’s electricity."
In some institutions glued outlet duct tape, so they did not get. You can not include heaters.
Teacher of a rural school began to speak:
"The corridor will include many can not, somewhere in the corner of one bulb vluchaetstsa. Classrooms savings. Going on break — off. 9:00 came — off. Word order is not peraraskhodavats. Example, I brought on the table list in a particular month in much to allocate, painted by the hour. During recess — all categorically, God forbid, that included. Exit and select the class. "

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov says that in his own apartment he changed to energy-saving light bulbs. He believes that this is the best investment than BEAC bank because there interest below the rate of inflation.
"The government could do more — that these bulbs were not so expensive. Selling for 50% of the price. Fact that I took it overseas production, they were expensive. Suppose that because of this the Department of Energy handed out to poor people in general nothing" .
According Zlotnikau, a small portion of the population consumes energy.
"And even if reduced by 10-20%, it will be 2-5% savings. More by bulbs and never will. Basic consumption — it is in the industry, transport and other sectors. This be market economy, for all have to pay. If it is personal property, it does not matter what savings — in your pocket. "

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