«Economist» on BPR: A Ray of Hope Belarusian emigration

Little light segment in the history of the people can be compared with extinct candles. He Anyway makes comfort in a dark room, as stated in the article of the English edition «Economist», which is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR.
According to the creator of the film, segodnyaschy Belarus looks dark in comparison with the period of 1990-1994. Retrospectively this time may be referred to the flourishing of the Belarusian freedom.
Same we can say and March 1918, when Belarus for the first time tasted independence. But Russian regime still managed to consolidate his power — the government BNR emigrated first in Lithuania, and later in Prague.
Its activities BNR Rada is about ninety years. Experience shows that if there is a government in exile, the story helps them, the article says the English edition.
For example, the Government of the Republic of Poland in Exile in London. His work was recognized West since the second World War I until the last days of the communist regime in Poland.
Government in exile ended his activities after the election of the President of Poland Lech Walesa and handed presidential regalia favorite Kacherovski emigration.
Representatives of the government in exile of East Timor repatriated favorites after, as Indonesian occupation ended. The same applies to the exiled politicians and diplomats in the Baltic States. In 1991, the victory of independence, Ukraine declared favorite western emigration.
As for Belarus, the Government BPR as before is a "symbolic challenge to the bitter", around which connects voedinyzhdy Belarusian opposition.
But continues «Economist», the real political world more seriously begins to treat the president BNR, the artist from Canada Ivonka Survila.
In These days are at the official invitation of the European Parliament she together with representatives of the Belarusian diaspora and zabugornoy vnutribelorusskoy opposition is based in Strasbourg.
Supporters BNR who are obliged to act in the criteria of secrecy because of terror for his own fate and that of friends, issued a proclamation to the international public. They call not to forget about the situation in Belarus and to protect those who wish to celebrate the anniversary of the BNR.
Meanwhile, notes «Economist», certain changes are observed in the western policy of the official Minsk. According to the creator of the article, "Lukashenko flirting with the West and naive to expect major changes in the relationship. Maybe such configurations in behavior occur because of today’s languid country’s economic situation (Our homeland raises gas prices) May be another reason. Priklnnye country people to rely as against them can change something "

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