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"I wish to say that for us very fundamentally, that in the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic here in the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 1-x, deputies, especially Western, realized that the independence of Belarus is not a couple of years, and is almost 100; Belarusians as one of the first European nations after the (First World War) declared independence, and that the tradition-independent Belarus was years in the form of BNR in a foreign land. "
Jacek Protasiewicz, chairman of the European Parliament for Relations with Belarus — Belarus on Evraparlyamentse week.
"The manifestation of the atrocities."

George Bush, the U.S. president — the refusal of the Belarusian authorities to release ahead of Alexander Kozulin, so he could spend the last days together with their own deadly unhealthy wife.
"Today we received official notification from the United States Embassy in Minsk that salting U.S. Karen Stewart leaves the Republic of Belarus and is serving in Washington for consultations. Emphasize that the departure of the U.S. ambassador held after yesterday, March 11, Karen Stewart was again invited to the meeting at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, where she was re-offered the managers have strong recommendation to the Government of our country. "
Andrei Popov, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus — from the statement on March 12.
"At first we thought their demarche recommendation, as they used the word. We did not consider them as a demand or an ultimatum. But on Tuesday, we learned that they had in mind, it was practically an ultimatum. Ambassador Stewart gave almost 24 hours to go to Washington for consultations. In case of failure, it would have been declared persona non grata. And we felt that we should not create a conflict escalation. We withdrew it on counseling to prevent a very dramatic step that the Belarusian side would do. "
David Kramer, deputy assistant secretary of state — of the circumstances review on consultation U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart.
"The United States policy towards Belarus has not changed … Just after the release of all political prisoners without preparatory criterion United States will be prepared to consider further steps to improve bilateral relations."

Karen Stewart, salting USA in Belarus — the other day out on the advice of its own in the United States.
"If the crisis deepens and the U.S. so spoil the case with Belarus, diplomatic affairs that will not work, then the EU will be very hard, and he, of course, will not go against the interests of America and against America will not be something to do with Minsk. But once I notice less desire, at least, the old states of the West, always obey the automatic gaze of Washington and go in the wake of U.S. policy that had been done in Europe for decades "cool war".

Alexander Rahr, managing addelu Russia and the CIS Council of the German foreign policy — on the Belarusian-American diplomatic conflict.
"Prospects for Belarus’ relations with the EU will depend on the independence of foreign policy of the United States of the Union."

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — during a meeting with a group of British businessmen led by the deputy of the Lords of England Cecil Parkinson.
"The incident occurred on March 2 at the 8th kilometer of highway Minsk-Slutsk, near the village of Sennitsa." And 21.30 on the highway I stopped inspector, as well as other cars. Stand on the sidelines was not allowed out of the car too. And fast — whack in the hood of my car. We just stayed alive. It turned out we were going to stop drunk driver. Policemen later stated: "We did not think that he will not stop …"

Lena Kolpakov, suffered as a result of the incident, during which the traffic police made "human shield" of the cars with passengers to detain the offender.
"Active" traffic cops "risked themselves. They started to run like bowling pins. I was shocked that they run away? And suddenly realized."

Yuri Pashkevych injured as a result of the incident, during which the traffic police made "human shield" of the cars with passengers to detain the offender.
"A" hedgehog "- a four-wheel immediately. A distance between the column of vehicles that was moving very rich in a day or output criteria, and a car chase followed by, — 500 m Speed car — from 120 to 180 km. How long can you drive? yet the fact that our employees have had this "hedgehog" stretch. This is a risk to life would be made. But they tried to do it … If I had this "hedgehog" stretched to the whole column, 100% that someone it came to him. Formed to congestion, and people had time to get out and see what happened. "

"Drivers stopped their mc inaccurately figured signal traffic policeman, who sought to keep moving in the direction of Minsk."

Igor Vanitsky, deputy chief of traffic police — an incident during which the traffic police made "human shield" of the cars with passengers to detain the offender.
"The political activities of the opposition I see as deja vu. It’s already happened. And did a single list, and do one candidate. Unity But never was. Political parties do not have that power, that power which might be expected if you go to the polls.’s all — more virtual politics. This conversation at: tra-ta-ta. "

Vladimir Nistuk politician — Democratic candidates on the list, the other list, formed the United Democratic Forces.
"I work for the team. A male politicians often work on their own ambitions. Democratic organization in Belarus is not just — an organization in Europe. This is, in fact, the second family. And you need to have, I would have said, inhuman trust in each other, that our family is not destroyed. "
"When there is a war — not coming. Look what state our cemeteries. Ordinary, not even soldiers since the 2nd world … Cemetery in Belarus and in the same Germany? Yavna difference. Since in Germany the world, and we have in society — war. War is in their heads. And I work for, so no matter what all the people of Belarus took off his greatcoat and eventually returned home. way, where they have been waiting for. Building a peaceful life and future together. "

Olga Karach, public editor of the week.

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