Entrepreneurs join the action in the day Will

Public activist Siuchyk expressed this idea:
"As for that wave of protests businessmen, held from January 10 to February 18, it was an ordinary Belarusian folk wave. Everything is still not completed, the fight will be in front, although the conditions are very languid. March 25 fee will be at 17 o’clock on Yakub Kolas. "
One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alexander Makaeu confirmed that the decision to merge personal business to rally on March 25. On February 18 shares Makaeu sovereign states:
"Businessmen was very much — more weave (I say officially), and they were ready to set up tents on October Square, but thanks to special services virtually no equity left in Minsk. We beheld what happened in Minsk. 2nd question — what special services to people through gossip hammered into your head, you do not need to go there on the 18th. It also played a role. "
Coordinator of the human rights movement "Our Belarus" businessman Igor Glacier said about what measures did the authorities to disrupt protest on February 18. February 15, Deputy Head — Head of Police Public Safety Department of the Interior Colonel Shutov Minsk regional executive committee sent an order to carry out specific activities to prevent protests on February 18:
"The chief of traffic police, patrol officers, heads of district, municipal police departments have been given instructions on how not to let so called destructive forces (it is a title in the order) held a meeting on February 18, businessmen ‘
At a press conference entrepreneurs expressed concern that since March 1, will newcomer wave of repression against them, because the transition period comes to personal business private unitary enterprises and will be sanctioned for violating the presidential decree № 760.
Therefore it is necessary to consolidate and find new forms of struggle for their rights, says public activist Siuchyk:
"Assembly and meetings that took place in Minsk on the markets in recent weeks, have shown that for many businessmen the only way that they behold the — this emigration from Belarus. Because of the Minsk Group markets and go to Kiev and Moscow, Vilnius. General , a state disaster. Naturally, this is not the way out, which suits us. We have to find other ways. "
Businessman Vawkavysk Autukhovich urged businessmen to quit now in 18 hours with flowers on October Square to commemorate Ira Kazulina.

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