Europe can play a role of bridge between Belarus and the U.S.

Drakakhrust: "Sire Rar diplomatically" war "between Minsk and Washington unfolds against the backdrop of improving relations between Belarus and the EU. Demarche Belarusian Foreign Ministry about the withdrawal of the Belarusian ambassador from Washington and advice to the U.S. ambassador to leave home for consultations sounded almost the same day, in Brussels signed an agreement to open consulates in Minsk Commission. But in a situation of conflict between the hard Belarus and the U.S. can the countries of the Union side of its own ally, to show the solidarity of the Atlantic? "
Rahr: "We already we see, that the EU look at developments in the countries of the former Soviet space is not always consistent with those of the band, which in relation to Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet countries spend U.S.. European Union itself in some sense is split on the issue of how to case with Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. There zeal of new members of the Union to lead a hard line against their own neighbors to the east and more to push them in the direction of democracy. This line is one hundred percent supported the United States.
And there is more, maybe, pragmatic and economically more constructive position of the EU, at least, the old members of the Union, who understand now carry out a revolution in the country such as Belarus, unrealistic, and try more gently, through new forms of cooperation through policy malehankih steps to change the situation, to make a better atmosphere and not reach the revolutionary and evolutionary changes in Belarus.
Contradictions between the United States and the European Union we litsezreem as, say, in relation to the entry of Ukraine into NATO. "

Drakakhrust: "Mr. Rahr, if we use the historical analogy, we can recall as General de Gaulle is constantly at odds with the United States, defending his unusual position, but during the" Caribbean crisis "strongly supported John F. Kennedy against Russian call. Currently between Belarus and the U.S. is clearly not the Caribbean crisis, but rather an acute crisis. "
Rahr: "A country like Belarus — Russian Alliance is not that threatened America. I’d never associated with the Caribbean crisis situation. Naturally, if the crisis will deepen, and the United States so spoil the case with Belarus that diplomatic affairs graduate work, then the EU will be very difficult and, naturally, he would not go against the interests of America and against America will not be something to do with Minsk.
But once I notice less desire, at least, the old states of the West, always obey the automatic gaze of Washington and go in the wake of U.S. policy, that didaxis in Europe for decades "cool war".
EU itself manufactures its line of conduct in relation to such countries as Belarus and sober will decide how to keep the South American hard line, and can be — play a role of a bridge between the U.S. and Belarus. "
Drakakhrust: "The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has advised the U.S. ambassador to travel to Washington for consultations, salting ignored the recommendation and stayed. How does this compare with the usual diplomatic practice, what is the point of this step the United States?"
Rahr: "I believe that such behavior United States demonstrate Lukashenko and his regime, they are thinking about it. On this issue because they believe that the right that are not afraid to further the diplomatic scandal and conflict with Minsk.
We are dealing with a rather nervous situation in the United States. Bush ends own second term in office, he wants to throw Europe into a more measured position than it was back in the 90s. Because America will move aggressively and confidently in those matters where its interests are affected. "

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