Europe recalled 6 months for democratization

Representatives of the united democratic forces transferred to the Minister Radoslaw Sikorski consolidated its position on the "road map" Belarusian authorities. According to the "road map" for the next six months, the official Minsk should change the electoral law, to make a level playing field for official and media-independent, to give access to municipal opposition media also liberalize the environment for political parties and public organizations and repeal of the Criminal Code provides for liability for their political activities. Member of the delegation of the Joint favorite civilian party Anatoly Lebedko said:

Anatoly Lebedko"The minister expressed his extreme intrigued evrapeizatsyi in Belarus. That she was politically closer to Europe. Remembered even their roots — his mother out of the column. And said that all our proposals are very considered. And oh so this will be realized in practice — let’s see what are the next steps and the European Union, and Poland, and how it will respond to the Belarusian government. "
According Lebedko, Europeans do not yet have a final plan of action, he still produced. And because the United Democratic Forces offers very timely. Minister Sikorski said that the Europeans at their peril, but without the risk can not be the result.
"He said that we have a litmus test — it’s the affairs of government and the opposition to the Polish minority. He said that at the stage of liberalization of border management solutions, which will affect the interests of 10% of the population of Belarus, reducing the cost of visas and trade relations with Belarus. This is something that they are ready to go. What instead get this from the official Minsk, we have brought to the Minister. "
Also, representatives of the Belarusian opposition noted that if talk about the dialogue with the official Minsk Europe, it can only be constituents. Anatoly Lebedko added:
"How now said Sikorsky lifted sanctions against Lukashenko. But they want to once and someone asked. And this question want to know who to invite, if there are only words, and actions will not. He made such a clear hint that if there is no configuration, there is no preference. Currently none European country, and Poland including, more intensively advocated the lifting of sanctions, not ready to invite Lukashenko. "

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