Evening in memory of Constantine Sharks

Commemorate Kastus Sharks came Belarusian writers, artists, students, and ordinary readers of his books. Of written over half a century creator in distant Canada, about 10 volumes of two of their last fifteen had come to readers at home. This "Combat Road" signed in the print publishing "Fiction", by the way, a day or three after winning Lukashenko on the first presidential elections, and "loose" that appeared two years reversed in the private publishing house "Logvinov."
Vela evening writer Olga Ipatova, which has repeatedly met with his Canadian counterpart-relatives. Describing the organizational and publishing efforts Constantine Sharks support public spirit relatives in Canada, she highlighted the importance nedaasensavanuyu more of his literary talent.
"This writer, who is known to us all, but a writer who we need to truly comprehend now."
Concise overview of the works of Constantine Sharks made literary Lydia Savic and chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich, which since the days of student listavavsya with Belarusian writer from Toronto. Sovereign Pashkevich, namely, said:
"I think, Kastus Shark — just sign Betta era, which is not only in their own environment Belarusians abroad defended the right to be called, but as practice shows, is teaching at the local Belarusians now not only save his, and proud of his. "
Art Valentina Trigubovich that first 1990 commission headed overseas BPF, not once met with Konstantin sharks and in time his 2-comings then home and in the overseas world. She reminded the audience that the emperor is not Shark once arranged a protest in Canada against Communist rule in Belarus. She says that should be considered Belarusian emigrants who became custodians idea of independence homeland state heroes.
"One person who comes to fight against injustice, which goes to fight for an idea, ethe man there is a state hero. And because we have shark pochetat not only as a writer, but we must consider the public hero. "

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