Executive committee did not allow the publication of new newspapers

According to a decree signed by the Chairman of the Executive Committee Misha Anikeeva in the area officially published three papers that provide people with information absolutely.
Executive Committee registered activist businessman with a personal right to engage in marketing activities and trade, but not yet approved the 1st activity — the publication of newspapers.
"They know me as the BPF, they know me as an activist movement" For Freedom. "And as a person with general democratic gaze, and the Democrats are presently struggling with all methods. They understand that writing about crop yields and I do not I will. I’ll write about what I see. This is one of my principles. They do not want the truth, "- commented on the" Freedom "Edward Brokarau executive committee positions.
Edward Brokarau issues in Gorki newspaper "The Mount" and "Gorki choice" also edited the newspaper of the regional coalition Democratic Forces Mogilev "Select".

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