Famous people have insinuated days of Freedom

It was one of the greatest acts in the history of Belarus

Belarusian enlightener and American scientist, 97-year-old Boris Keith March 25 considers one of the greatest prazdnichkom in their own lives:
"After all, it was one of the greatest acts in the history of Belarus — the act of independence — the most fundamental and the most precious thing in the life of every nation in the world. When I was a teacher Vilna Belarusian gymnasium, we celebrated every year on March 25, going to everything and our Director Radoslav Ostrovsky gave a great speech, and we were all passionate about … We also then did everything in Vilnius, fought for the Belarusian name in Poland. "
Academician Alexander Wojtowicz noted that the history of the BNR became interested only in the late ’90s, when he led the National Academy.
"I think that day March 25 should be by popular prazdnichkom since the first time in many centuries was made an attempt, and it was announced that Belarus should be independent state. Believe that this historical fact, and it should be celebrated widely in the country . "

Without the past, the president of the sovereign, there is no future, and historical memory should connect voedinyzhdy civilization rather than divides

A spokeswoman kind Lutskevich Margarita Perov, which currently lives in St. Petersburg, a day on March 25 decided to ask Alexander Lukashenko:
"I respect your efforts to save the Belarusian independence. And our forefathers, including my grandfather Anton Lutskevich, 90 years ago fought for the fact that Belarus was the only one to be independent, self-government. Without the past, sire President, there is no future, and historical memory should connect voedinyzhdy civilization rather than divides us. So I think whatever was prazdnichek now, if people went along Independence Avenue to the best in the Palace of the Republic of Belarus, and you, Sire President, your welcoming speech to celebrating together with us 90th anniversary of the creation of the BPR. "
One of the favorites of the Muslim community in Belarus Ismail A. mentioned that the Belarusian Tatars became a prerequisite creation BNR:
"It was an attempt to make a separate independent state. That failed because it was such incidents … Ibrahim Kanapatsky worked with me since my uncle was a military organizer of the BNR, he talked about this, he was a historian, more knowledge, but did not survive his nerves. He surrendered and was killed … "
Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski mentions millennial roots Belarusian statehood, from which rose and BPR and segodnyaschy Republic of Belarus:

I am acutely aware of the value of the concept — the independence of our nation

"For me, it has a sense of pride and a sense of dastatkovastsi Belarusian people, because in the world who do not have a lot of independence, and we we see, as is currently the nations — not least, and even huge for us — can not achieve this. ‘Cause I feel very keenly the value of this concept — the independence of our nation. "
Literary historian, Dr. Ivan Saverchenko says that for him the anniversary of the independence of BPR — a huge and festive prazdnichka:
"This is a big step, this event. People have done it, felt its responsibility. Members of the first members of the Government and BNR-Belarusian Assembly — for me it is people-devotees, people-heroes, loyal to the state and his own people. So it’s great for me prazdnichek and I’m enjoying it and very surprised to note why it now is not celebrated at the municipal level. Though I think that is the result of simple ignorance of the people, municipal officials. And we blame for this, I and my fellow professors, since we could not hitherto perfectly explain the significance of this action. "
Belarusian singer Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich considers that day Will must connect voedinyzhdy Belarusian civilization:

This was the beginning of development of our country

"This is where we began our independence as started at similar times in 1918 many. And we were not the last, who appointed independence. Prazdnichek Because this, especially with age, has an even greater taste — compared with the current official Happy holiday, with boundless ideology, which virtually no country in the present and that one way or another should still be to come to March 25, to independence, to the Belarusian language, to the white-red-white flag and emblem of "race".
The last presidential candidate Vladimir Hancharyk states that realized znakavasts action March 25, 1918 only in 2000, when he began to engage in politics:
"This is the missing link in the history of our country, which led to the creation of our country to be independent today. This is a phenomenon that should not be considered in conflict with the Russian and Belarus Belarus today. This was the beginning of development of our country."

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