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After the events of 2006 in Minsk and regions formed several youth organizations and movements. Young people sometimes organize flash mobs, actions of solidarity with their friends, families and missing political prisoners.

For simplicity say I did not worry me attitude of parents

Students for their social activities excluded from the institutions. KGB come to school and to work. On the border of students and opposition youth activists do demonstration searches. An increasing number of students involved in social and political life.
Each youth activist knows that distributing leaflets or for his role in the action may delay, beat, arrest, to withdraw from the study, and even accused of criminal malfeasance.

Haretski, Dashkevich Paul SeviarynetsOne of the favorites, "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich admitted that he did not think at the time of detention of their own parents and not just evolved relations between them.
"For simplicity say I was not worried parents attitude towards me. Somewhere subconsciously I knew that they usvoyut me. But later, as shown by this time, they were afraid. It is an instinct of self-preservation, which is the parents who forced them at the first step even oppose my work. "
Youth activist BPF Julia Sivtsova served 15 days in jail Akrestsin Street. She trained on 4 course BSU. Julia told that sometimes conflicts arise with mom because she supports the work of his own daughter.
Mama Julia Lily Sivtsova explained to his position:
"The principle for the first place I did not put his studies, and health. As she was there for so long. Well, if it all goes. Naturally, it is stressful for her exactly, but for me too. I did not sleep all night. In second place to study. It also plays an important role. tuition we pay … I, for one, do not see the 1st plus for my family. "
Fyodor Cherenkov was expelled from school days are with Mozyrskogo Pedagogical University. Took this as his father?
Voice Yuri Cherenkov:

Most fundamental to the first place I did not put his studies and health

"Such are the scales — my mother a little more than it takes so, experiences, fears, and I do support it. At his side pull. Here is us."

Soloviev EkaterinaAccording to mum activist "Malady Front" Kasi Solovevoj, her daughter paid the ultimate price for their actions. Catherine was expelled from school and against it filed criminal charges for his role in an unregistered organization. Voice Lena Solovyov:


Naturally, the highest price. But you need to respect her beliefs

Naturally, the highest price. But you need to respect her beliefs. A belief in general, correct. All for the benefit of the believer. Occasionally need some time to become aware, to talk with God, self-determination and to settle down. "
In the near future journalists occasionally had to create a scene in the courts, when the ancestors of the student, who was arrested for 10 days for his role in the action, pounced on him with his fists in the courtroom. Mom 1st plowshares offspring of those arrested, which displays the guards, so as not to come home, that she would never forgive him.
Psychologists they say that is a parent response to danger for his kid. Not everyone can be in the moment of stress to cope with feelings. But observers, especially after beheld that in the 2006th on October Square NIGHT MODE were mostly students and minors, noted that Belarus is almost the only country in which kids find freedom their parents, and not the contrary.

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