Field Notes Accent

And here the other day Russian elections occurred to me to talk to a lot of big not last in Russia professionals about what what, in their opinion, will be the case with their homeland after our March 2.
Immediately say that a set of interlocutors, apparently not entirely representative, among them there was not stubborn "patriots" or representatives of the democratic opposition to the Kremlin accurate. But this is not a political movement, in their own Russian affairs those who I have asked their questions, take quite different political positions, but posing together certain mainstream, the main directions of Russian political thought.
I do not know how you and me in this polyphonic choirs amazed zlazhanasts rare that a Belarusian-Russian relations, at least, to the prospects of political association and abilities. About the desirability or undesirability of such merger thoughts just different, some (sincerely or not) they say about the will of the people to unite, the other (again as heartily or not) they say that, that gift on their eyes, RF Belarus is not needed.
But what about the ability of such scenario — an unusual unanimity: this can not be. Why? In short — as Lukashenko. Some remember when all this about the interests of the Belarusian peremptory elite and society as a whole, but at these professionals to preserving the state and the elite and society support a favorite, or at least the latter do it in this obstacles.
And with Lukashenko, Russian views on the professionals out very simply.
Give it to unite as much as he wants, it is unrealistic in the interests of the Russian political elite, well, independent of the interests of the country as Belarus Russian ("it very much and is very conflicted," according to Sergei Markov). And force him to go to the union on the criteria of the Russian Federation Russian no resources.
In this way, a fascinating contrast to the views of some Belarusian emigrants in Moscow whereby Our powerful homeland could reach from Hill Belarus anything tomorrow. At the same time indigenous "Rusakov" behold the faster restrictions abilities own country in this direction, control and external — in their eyes of Belarus does not look like such a weak too, and internal — the Kremlin can not allow ourselves to act with respect to any western neighbor.
This, however, we can say that in the midst of professionals interviewed me once that there was not the 1st with the names of Putin or Medvedev, and therefore their views and forecasts are marginally addressed in the Kremlin to remove union project "longish box" then do not ask literate participating in the program "Prague accent." On such a possible answer throw that in-1’s, the principal municipal solutions in Russia still being worked out at the expert level, so that just these or similar professionals they just and ask. And, in-2, I collected judgments — this is not the only assessment, this sentiment indicator Russian elite, who determines what are the interests of their country and how they relate to her abilities. Not even in the case that the authoritarian government is not able to do something that is not consistent with statements elite views, in principle, the fact, that just does not come to mind it mattersbe.

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