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Opening the event Yuri Khaschevatsky said that the anniversary of the creation of the film "Space", dedicated to the events of spring 2006 in Minsk, he said the end of work on the latest documentary film. "Freedom Day" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR and presented during the week of Belarus in the European Union. Belarusian viewers are just beginning to get acquainted with him, he says:

"I would like to see this movie spread even more than the movie" Space. "Because it is based on facts that have occurred in history. I would like, that it looked very closely. After all, it story that all we need to know. "

I would like to see this movie spread even more than the movie "Space"

Listen and ask questions of the famous director had a few 10’s of people — first youth, older people also. Here’s what they had read on their own impressions of the meeting:
Guy: "What Yuri Khaschevatsky currently speaks to youth it is very true. Then that there presently no 1st space, states that, that he needed. This also means that the government is not right if pushes Yuri Khaschevatsky of all municipal festivals. "
Youth meeting with Yuri Khaschevatsky in the estate of a political party — is not the only event dedicated to the anniversary of the BNR, says Deputy Chairman Igor Shynkaryk.
"Invited to the meeting Vladimir Orlov, so tell us about March 25, about the history of the BPR."
One of the participants was also a favorite of the "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev

"Yuri Khaschevatsky and we middle-aged people by example youth say: Preserving the country. Entrepreneurs feel the support of the youth, we stand shoulder to shoulder on all promotions. The same will happen on March 25, as the history is so our country. This I believe my constitutional duty, the duty to their babies. And kids — that they are sitting here next. On March 25 we will be on the square. "

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