First odd couple Dawn

By that time, half edge lived under German occupation. Vilnius Poles, Lithuanians and Belarusians began openly read on, What else did not so long ago, a Russian, do not even try to think.
Companies Mentioned in the "Strahl" mated for the first time for politics. Seriously grappled with the harsh words went jerky movements. Argued for Vilnius. Outraged sudden claims Belarusians, stubborn Polish archivist Vaclav Studnitski decided the dispute constructively, knocking his own painful Lutskevich opponent Ivan, which had to make companions of "Strahl" hands.
This scene vividly depicted in his diary future Lithuanian diplomat Petras Klimas, not hiding victorious pleasure — let rivals twitch among themselves. Klimas but did not know that this incident was the last straw that decided the final position Lutskevich brothers — the past favorites Belarusian political movement. No Lofty Things principalities and the Commonwealth. No unions, no confidence in the terse and dangerous neighbors. Independence. Only independence.
With addition time action began to develop faster time. Belarusian capital movements for the first time and almost turned the case Minsk — only since 1915 German coming from putting cut Vilnius Belarus and virtually all Belarusian forces in 1917 were turning in Minsk. And now, coming March 18th in Minsk, Belarusian delegation headed Vilna brothers Lutskevich publicly issued long conceived the idea of independence and vyspelennoe born. Minsk Belarusians, not without shock, supported the idea.
Although Belarus People’s Republic of maintained effective control on the real terrain quite awhile, even this was enough to sleep and cultural politicians came true. Consequences of the seemingly first completely unremarkable, ghost network, random events we litsezreem now on the European map.
First steps World War I, Belarus which lasted seven years — longer anyone in the world, left no chance of BPR measured life. Capital — Estate Management — moved from Minsk to Vilnius, later in Grodno, then to Berlin, Riga, Kaunas, Prague, Paris, and from there completely overseas, where it remains, and at the moment. But most of Belarus BNR never lost, and turned into a ghost who lives Belarusian home in the mysterious life of its own and to this day, 90 years later, continues to scare some people and it conjures up a romantic mood to others.

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