For freedom of movement will try to register again

At the meeting, delegates agreed to another, the third time to try to register the movement. Delegates from all regions of Belarus, reaffirmed the charter of the organization, chose driving bodies. Elected chairman of the movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich.
After the meeting, Alexander Milinkevich said "Freedom":

"We are not just held a meeting, and in the second part discussed the situation, future plans, strategy. Overview what we have come that probelorusskie, pro-European forces should unite and cooperate closely. This is an old saying, but if you do not probelorusskih , pro-European forces, we really much weaker. important for us — people in different way affiliated with the company. First in This year The campaign "For Free Elections". Second company — is evrapeizatsyya Belarus. And, of course, another company — protecting politically repressed. "

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