For seven miles to visit hairstyle …

I am in the village of Indore, which is 20 km from Grodno. I go into the complex collection point raybytkombinat Grodno. Quiet.
Manageress Maria Markiewicz in one person and receptionist, and a seamstress, and the cleaning lady. Knows: paragraph serves, except Indore, another 19 villages. But they are usually people use the services of PPC very occasionally.

Over the past week purchased five coffins from nearby villages. And Adelsk coming and with Padlipak, and Starodubova, and Lutskovlyany … Something people are dying

Twice a week she goes to villages and vehicle impounds broken televisions, refrigerators, shoes for repair, and transported to another area. This and services are receiving Fri
Reporter: "And what services you use, in most cases your customers who live specifically in Indore? "
Markevitch: "Barber, shoe repair, some clothes, laundry and computers. Babes computers are very pleased."
Next to the room where there are computers, room ritual items: wreaths, coffins, ribbons …
Markevitch: "Over the past week 5 coffins purchased from nearby villages. Adelsk And coming and with Padlipak, and Starodubova, and Lutskovlyany … Something people are dying."
Before hairdresser girls are sitting and waiting their own turn. Ask whether they use the services of some more?
Woman: "No, we are only in the barber shop."
Reporter: "And sit in the computer?"
Woman: "We’re not here, we are with Starodubova is 7 kilometers away."
Woman: "We have a lot of youth, but no Home life. Not counting the hairdresser would not hurt and computers for hire, well, to sew could what-nibudt. "
Meanwhile PPC hostess — Mrs. Markiewicz says that in general is going to retire. Why? Her salary is 300 thousand rubles, but to live for it even in the countryside is hard enough …

All personal services, especially social significance — all unprofitable, there is zero return on their

Head of Grodno raybytkombinat Vasily Kovalchuk states, the organization provides all 11 domestic services, although it is quite hard to do.
Kovalchuk: "All domestic services, especially social significance — all unprofitable, their profitability there is zero. And this does not even have to read. We began to produce concrete fence and look forward to in March to 200 million, and that will help reduce the negative profitability" .
Vasily Kovalchuk convinced chance to develop with domestic services in the outback seem only provided if the government will give them more freedom.

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