For us, Belarusians, West returned metal curtain …

Over the last few weeks of the bullpen early were released several political prisoners immediately: first youth activist Dashkevich later entrepreneurs Autukhovich and Yury Leonov, and later a favorite of "Young Front" Artur Finkevich. Belarusian authorities started making demands, which for a long time as the West insists on the strict condition to start a dialogue.
On this theme expressed in his letters many of our listeners. Aleksei Dubinin Minsk believes that at this point, after this release, the management of the West and the Belarusian opposition should change the attitude to the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. In a letter to freedom listener writes:
"Lukashenko made a couple of small steps towards the West — political prisoners released. Currently it’s time to the West showed its goodwill. Midst of a lot of the opposition who have called for tough confrontation, but this strategy has already been used in more than a decade. And what benefits it has brought? yes no. to stand on irreconcilable positions, many of the brain is needed. A talent policy is to make intelligent and profitable compromise yourself.
On a rigid position can stand the one who is confident in their own abilities. It was then that he can dictate their own terms weaker. And what force the Belarusian opposition? No! Because it should not naravitstsa and welcome steps good will on the part of the authorities and urged the West to mitigate the position towards Belarus. And we, Belarusians, and so were already in a typical ghetto. West, in fact, returned to us "metal curtain" from Brest to Verhnedvinskaja. Unless without concrete wall. But the better the concrete Berlin wall Schengen visas for 60 euros apiece with a multi-day procedure humiliating queues at different representation and collection of silly references and excerpts, which require Western officials? "

— Wrote in his own letter to freedom Aleksei Dubinin from Minsk.
The answer to the question "Who for anyone to build a" metal curtain "on the border between Belarus and the European Union?" Not such a trivial, sire Dubinin. Belarusian If management over the past 13 years has made a commitment in Europe norms of behavior (in other words — valued human rights ensure the free and democratic elections, not persecuted people for political views), Belarusians would have long, because the neighbors — Lithuanians, Latvians, Poles, — went to Europe in general without visas.
Does the release of several political prisoners beginning of the liberalization of the Belarusian regime? Remember the last speech of President Lukashenko to students of Belarusian State University. He does not recognize that there are political prisoners in Belarus. And about the release of several activists read as complete process — say, "we turned this painful page". How wrapped when clink remain Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Klimov, Andrei Kim?
And establish trade of political prisoners in Belarus current criteria — a vain thing. On-site now freed opposition tomorrow will be possible prison bunks 10s other opponents of the regime.
Our listener Vyacheslav Suharebski Village of Ruthenians Baranovichi district in its own letter to freedom offers a number of topics for discussion in our radio broadcasts. A listener writes:
"If a man does not make plans for the future, and the future that it vague. So in the state. It would be interesting to hear in the analytical program notes" Freedom "represent the most experienced professionals on what sectors of the economy to a more promising Belarus. Surely it — wood , textile industry with the introduction of flax, machinery for the food industry and farms.
Creating farms in Belarus — certainly, in another country will not be self-contained and its demographic development. But large machinery (tractors, cars, refineries, factories), in my opinion, can not be run because prices for metals and fuel will not allow.
With regard to transport, then, in my opinion, can substantially reduce the costs of well-developed network of narrow gauge railways. And there are a huge number of questions, "

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Vyacheslav Suharebski Village of Ruthenians Baranovichi district.
Thanks to you, sire Suharebski for noteworthy topic. In general, today the tractor, auto factories and refineries — in a series of more successful Belarusian enterprises, the main Russian taxpayers. And that grow commodity prices and fuel costs, the situation does not change much: once expensive and the products of these plants. Another thing that you need time to create upgraded to products remain competitive and not lose international markets.
In general, these and other topics will be thoroughly open a discussion in our analytical programs — "Examination of Liberty" and "Prague accent." Look for applets.
Created subsequent letters — our listener Leonid Book from the village Svislach Osipovichy district. The letter created a large stack of documents attached — this copy 10 s official responses from many municipal agencies to inquiries and complaints. Problems and claims to power Leonid books began after he became unemployed — lost work initially at the factory in the village Elizovo, and later at a local farm. In his letter to Leonid book writes:
"Over the past eleven years, I only spoke to the Presidential Administration 15 times. And every time my complaints forwarded below bureaucrats. As a result, every time I finally got only replies. In my opinion, this is happening because nobody would not be held liable. "Got rid" — stripped of control — put a "tick" — and in this work, together with responsibility over.
I am sending to you a part of their own correspondence. In general, I have already gained more than 100 sheets of different answers, which often contradict each other, and legislation. I have nothing at all understandable for anyone who stands, someone who covers. In our Tipo legal state bureaucrats of all ranks make no steps to assist the person. And the president to reach unrealistic.
Any political party, I did not enter. But to get a job in accordance with a specialty in the community can not — for political reasons. If you manage to find a job and — over time fire "telephone law" and dismissed me to find any reason.
With all this I drink alcoholic beverages occasionally, and alcohol substitutes do not drink "

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Leonid Book from the village Svislach Osipovichy district.
In the near future we quite often get such parcels with many official letters — long years of correspondence students with bureaucrats of various sizes. Return such people to "Radio Liberty" — it is faster gesture of despair, the desire to be heard. Leafing through these volumes Nevydumannye dramatic stories, can not help thinking how many had spent time working-paid municipal bureaucrats in order to fend off human needs, to argue that their reluctance to even-nibudt do for him.
That’s the fate of Leonid books — one example of this. People of working age, with an average special education, at one time worked as a foreman in a factory and a section foreman at the farm. Judging by the labor book had a lot to promote their own positions. For eleven years without result he reaches at least some work. And this in a country where, according to official propaganda, virtually no unemployment, and in all regions are financed from the budget, many programs from the creation of new jobs.
At the end — a few pieces of mail letters with "Freedom", which will leave without comment.
We wrote Valentine Udovenko Minsk:
"Faced with bolshennymi neuvvyazkami associated with psychiatric repression. Defend their rights in court in the Republic of Belarus criteria can not. Remains to disseminate information, se
nding it to the media."

Created subsequent letters — Sophia Metlushko from Mozyr. She writes:
"For me and many of my friends only outlet — this is Radio Freedom. Unfortunately, big problem — the quality of reception. And for some reason, the buzz and crackle particularly exacerbated when the sound" Calls for freedom. "Certainly, this is not the case."
And another letter which he sent to freedom Vladimir Rachok from Minsk. A listener writes:
"With pay for utilities, which exposes VEX, a lot of questions. People just do not know what they pay — so everything is encrypted. Gets the impression that a particular system is designed to supplement the budget at least by what method the impoverished population"-
— So says our listener Vladimir crustacean from Minsk.
Thank you, sire crustacean, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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