For writing, dictation was one day

Text — the introduction to the book Frantisek Bogushevich "Belarusian Fife." At the dictation came civilian activists, artists, representatives public organizations.
In the midst of the crowd were people who in the main they say in Russian. They were that the text dictation — an introduction to the book Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus" — proved difficult for them. But, despite this, some dictation put into the archive. Several people left the text on the form where it says "first nationwide Belarusian dictation" for your own home archive. Among them was a human rights activist Valery Shchukin:
"Since I want to know and maternal language. I speak the language of his own father, but I wish to speak in the language of my mother. Hope that someday I will speak Belarusian."

Dictated text Vladimir Sivchikov. He also collected works. Writer told a funny incident.
"Maybe bad hearing, people do not have time, then begin to ask again, or in hearing the utter right behind me, dyktovshchykam. But anecdotal mini-man event occurred. Presented me check on the girl, she wrote dyktovachku, asked for an autograph, subscribe. But when I looked up, dropping the letter was written, "Teran: Sivchikov."
Architect Ales Shaternik during dictation a couple of times consulted with his neighbor and asked to repeat the phrase. Sovereign Sivchikov joked that as a school teacher rassadits them to various places.
Ales Shaternik explained to his role:
"Of course, I wrote on tarashkevitsa with Myagenkaya sign. There is something in this cute and, indeed, I remember school … Along the way, of course, younger. Text probably leave for yourself. I think that mistakes done, but little because from time to time also write poems. "
In the first nationwide dictation dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR, attended by several hundred people. March 15 it wrote representatives of the embassies of the European Union and the United States, independent newspapers and editors. Later, it was joined by public figures, politicians and representatives of the broad circles of society — from children to the elderly.

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