Forest of Death — a movie about Homel Kurapaty

In Pribytkovskaya forest to find the remains of 70 people who were shot in the late 30s. Moviemakers traveled all the surrounding villages near the forest and recorded eyewitness.

Anton Astapovich
On the results of the authorities made the commission, which had not been included representatives of the democratic community, the Republican chairman of the volunteer Board of the Belarusian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Astapovich Anton said:
"Only when it is already adopted Commission decision, when the remains were reburied, they just sent us a letter report that four of the Red Army, the other victims of the war are buried here and there. Here is their position. "

At the show the film was also made public activist Siuchyk: "It is certain it was about Stalin’s sins. And in private conversations, the authorities do not deny it. They officially written off again sin 1st Stalinist totalitarian regime on the Nazis. And so it can not be. The future of Belarus can be normal, if it is all true including and our history. This epic Gomel not over. "

Siuchyk Astapovich Anton said that until today Grandfathers will be created by Prof. movie about the place of mass executions near Gomel. Tags:, shootings, kurapaty, movie, documentary

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