Franak Vyachorka excluded from the journalism faculty of BSU

Now day Franak Vyachorka I had a talk with the dean of the Faculty of Journalism Sergei Dubovik, who told him the news about the exception:
"For me it’s just a shock. From time to time there are things to which you are ready, but deductions, such boorish, neargumentavanaga, I just waited. Already prepared for what will retake, but Dean says all already have orders Vice Rector — "for academic failure." I say — how so? I overestimated scholarship, good grades, diplomas … "Well, it happened" — is responsible. — "You were given the documents for deduction?" — "I but I did not take the decision. "
I think there is much higher initiative. Lukashenko, have been there, ordered on liquidation. And the initiative here or KGB or individual clan, but it just motivated trimming. After all, I was given from the beginning to realize that their nothing depends, and the decision is made at the top. And this is another example that no liberalization neither journalism nor in Belarus. Cynicism only stronger. "
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Olga Samusevich explained that due to "nelikvidatsyyay academic debts" Vyachorka students to the university administration was focused service message. Since one exam Vyachorka put "two", the second — "three". In this case, the final decision takes Rector:
"The session ended on January 24. After the session, even holidays. During vacations, students are entitled to resit. According to the Decree of Ministry of Education on the first training day, students should already be without debt.
Franak failed to appear for the exams during the session and come to retake at a time when these were retakes. When he approached me, I said, write the application, we will assume for the exams. And as for the exam the student failed to appear, according to the decree, he is charged with failing grade.
Because objectivity were made for commission. Typically, a commission of the number head of the department in which your discipline, the teacher, who trained student, and 1st of the leading professors in the same department.
One commission headed Lyudmila Saenkova, Head of Department of Literary Criticism. Second — Head of Department Viktor Ivchenko. Was protocol assessment declared. And after the commission — the last resort on the faculty — we have to give an official. "
Head of the Department of stylistics and literary editing journalism, Adviser to the Minister of Education, one of the developers of the new rules of spelling and punctuation Viktor Ivchenko expressed surprise why suddenly RL such "person as tretsyakursnik Vyachorka gives such respect and attention"? Argument that, say, a person engages in public activity, had no effect:
"When engaged in public activities, just not enough time to study. That’s just in every way and recorded. The man was detained, repeat examinations, two exams are not passed. On the basis of the Lyceum, of course, you can take the style or language. I really perceived his exam, and as he himself tretsyakursnik nothing showed. Showed only a failing grade. That clip on deduction and got Franak. But I like ekzamenatar who perceived his exam, I wish to say that he can not cope with the task. Test was proposed after oral exams, and it just did not respond to it, it must. You do remember my request and my justice. "
As told Franak Vyachorka, on his side most of the students and teachers. But aloud about it yet can not say it all:
"My group is already beginning to collect signatures, and later the company will, relatively speaking, to discredit those teachers, namely Dr. Victor Ivchenkova who initiated these shameful ekzametsionnye Commission, which did not give me the ability to deliver the program from those tests that I missed during" his release "in Akrestsin. Specifically, he called me" the first unworthy "students who study at BSU unworthy, unworthy pluses BSU student."
Reporter: "The prospect of studying abroad — the real one?"
"I’ll be the last to seek resumption of here, in the institute, which I have chosen, and that seems to let me down. If not — then at least some other institution will try to enter Belarus. Naturally, I expect the prospect of the army, as well as all the young people. And knowing Zhaleznichenka example, is somehow not for themselves. Possibility of studying abroad is, in any case, since you need to learn. But only in the latter case. "
Franak Vyachorka — Chairman of the Commission on Culture BPF, managing creative initiatives "Belarusian Gulf Stream."

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