Freedom day — 2001-2005. As it was

As noted by day Freedom in 2001-2005? For this time the country has the second presidential election. The Criminal Code added new articles that predictive responsibility for the insinuation of the president and his entourage. There were courts for these items against journalists and human rights activists. Launched a ban on race on the terrain of the EU countries suspected of kidnapping opponents of Alexander Lukashenko. Closure Humanities Lyceum, Humanities Institute and Yerevan State University. Political prisoners … But once a year people took note of Freedom day.
In 2001, people gathered in Jubilee Square. Riot policemen failed to conduct detention immediately, because about five thousand protesters column could pass streets Maxim Tank and Thrush Avenue Masherova to stele "Hero City". Policemen ran Minister Vladimir Naumov. Voice

"Personally Naumov terribly neurotic emperor intervened and became a personal example to demonstrate his subordinates how to proceed. Drove me right up the street Daumana where friends were waiting for me with the car. We jumped in the car and followed by a dizzying chase.
We jumped out in the streets Kakhovska. There I was tied up. As it turns out, it was a "boom." After that I served with relish their 15 days. "
In 2002, celebrating the day of Liberty in Yanka Kupala Park. Suddenly the bus arrived with riot police and protesters began detention, which came out from the park avenue. Dmitry Bondarenko
remembered that watched as people were detained near the shop "Crystal".
"The column went forward, and I just stood in the case of the restaurant" Brigantine ". Riot police ran up, thrown into the bus and said," Ah, caught! "… It was later tribunal. Fine, I think, about 300 bucks."
In 2003, March 23 Members of the Conservative Christian Party tried to make a solemn procession along the avenue Skarina. But riot police dispersed share.
March 25 campaign organized BNF. About fifty people gathered at Yakub Kolas. As a result, the 10-ki detainees. In 2004 Denis Buynitsky Valentin Baranov Siuchyk

Siuchyk remembered that action:
"The posters, which we then kept on the chest, and burning of the current situation. I personally had that Belarusians have the right to elect government. My colleagues — let it live Belarusian People’s Republic. Since, in addition, that this day of celebration, it to the same state day struggle for Belarusians their rights . "
In 2005, Andrei Klimov Belarus urged people to gather in October Square to demand the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. About 2-thousand people were not able to break through the encirclement commandos. People afflicted initially on Lenin Street, and later from the Sports Palace. People have tried a couple of times to go out in small groups to the area, but again squeezed toward Nemiga. VoiceHaretski

"In the district of" Liberty "took such a fascinating incident. Demonstrators learned operator Belarusian television that constantly takes political stories about the situation in Belarus, and started throwing it snow. Certainly, the police took this as a provocation, and rushed to the attack. Then was delayed several 10’s of people. "
In 2001, Alexander Lukashenko held a second National Assembly, which adopted the programm of the country for five years. Economists have dubbed it «shopping list", or list of what to buy hunt, if you have enough funds. But according to official statistics the vast majority of programs from specifications for 2001-2005. Fulfilled.

Ahead was a presidential election year.

Offer from the archives of Liberty piece of reportage Lyubov Lunyova March 25, 2005.

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