Freedom day 2008. Online coverage

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20:40 There is information very affected during the dispersal by police. Namely Yuri Karetnikau, activist of the unregistered organization "Union of Right" beat his head.

According to managing the human rights center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski, just detained about 100 people. Of them in the Russian police department is 47, at the Metropolitan — 21, Central — 15. There are detained in Factory and Pervomay areas.
According to chairman of the organizing committee of the public organization "Above barrier" Timofei Dranchuk in Russian police station is about 30 people in the guerrilla — about 20, 10 — in the Capital. Some young people, including activists moladvyh Artur Finkevich and Dmitry Dashkevich, drove immediately to the detention on Okrestina street.
Some of the demonstrators commandos drove into the underpass and subway from the store "Akademkniga." Rally in honor of the anniversary of the BNR had ended. On the avenue there are small groups of people that discussions are actions.
The column number of youth activists (about 500 people) came to the store "Megatop" on Independence Avenue. Beside them braked paddy, there commandos ran and went on demonstrators. People crowding to Surhanau Street.
Some people went to the street Surganova. But most of the remains at the Academy. About 200 young people with a flag MF tried to start moving into the center, but the police stopped them.
Part of the protesters walked to the subway "Academy", is part of the Academy. Lined up along the sidewalk commandos wearing helmets with batons and shields.
Police again asks people to disperse. Youth papered sound amplifying police car stickers for the 90th anniversary of the BNR.
In the Russian district police is more than 40 detained protesters, said by telephone some of them — Sergey Plaschinsky. Detainees are brought yet.
Policemen came to Statkevich and said it is currently expected by the Prosecution. Statkevich refused to leave the pitch at the Academy — they say he is responsible for the people who came to the rally. By Academy winged sound-amplifying machine that warns people that they gathered in the wrong place. If you do not disperse — force will be used. At the Academy of youth activists forms the column, got a big white-red-white flag.
In the Russian district police arrested over 40 protesters, said by telephone some of them Sergei Plaschinsky. Detainees are brought yet.
Police blocked about 10 Single people shop around "loaf" and pushed them into the store.
At the police station Zaslaul contained Chairman of Minsk regional organization BPF activist Dmitry Vinogradov and Vitaly Ananko.
Detained correspondents of "Nasha Niva" Andrei Liankevich Semen Pechenko.
19:00 SMS message: Baranavichy detained 14 people marched with banners from Lenin Square to cross repressed.
18:55 According to Paul Sevyarinets 25 people is in Russian police department. Police very beat protesters about the newspaper "Evening Minsk."
18:50 Group of protesters with flags and banners around 50 people police closed the bridge over Svislach. Buses arrived. Demonstrators pushed them into buses.
At the Academy rally lasts. People sang the hymn "God Almighty". Behind the building of the Academy is worth a few paddy, police buses and a fire truck.
18:45 Seviarynets Paul said that there injured. According to Nikolai Statkevich, at the moment is about the Academy 3 thousand people.
18:40 Kozlova street near the Palace of Arts policemen detained about 10 people. During their detention, some of them were beaten.
According to the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Ivashkevich, the structure of "Evening Minsk" to store "Euroopt" people squeezed out in the yard and thrown into paddy wagons, stand in the yard.
18:38 The meeting was opened and called Statkevich not permitted to go on the route to Bangalore Square. Currently playing Siuchyk. Police blocked Ivashkevich Borshevsky near the cafe "Brigantine".
18:35 Most people drove to the police academy. There rally began. Statkevich said to Bangalore Square protestors will not go.
18:30 People to move from the sidewalk Yakub Kolas to the Academy on the sidewalks. People have tried to enter the roadway, but the police pushed people back on the sidewalks.
At the Academy gathered 200 people with stretch marks "Freedom Kozulin" and flags.
The restaurant "Lido" people chanted "Long live Belarus!" Near the post office building number 5 a group of about 30 people with police batons squeeze in an arch on the street Chervonozorianyi. Police began to drive away a group of people and several hundred people from the area to the side Kolasa Academy. People do not resist.
The store "Lenok" police beat people. People cry in response, "Fascists, shame!"
18:00 Youth activists got white-red flags, heard shouts "Long live Belarus!" The number of people seriously padlichyts.Militsyyanty detained youth activists Stanislav Stesik, Ales Kalita and Nikita Krasnov.
Policemen say: "Pass temporarily closed in connection with the event." People going on the sidewalks along Independence Avenue.

Clashes between perturbed ladies who went to kindergarten for their babies, and the police. From the streets and Kolas Khoruzhey passes to the area covered, people are not allowed into the square from all sides. Second amplification machine is about the former Institute of Physical Education. Are warned that the passage to the area is prohibited. Policemen say that no action will not, they are not allowed into the area even journalists that resembles the action in 2000.
Street Khoruzhey police do not miss people by Komarovka Independence Avenue. The metro station is closed, ground transportation on Yakub Kolas also ceases. People outraged, because now "rush hour", all vorachivayutsya from work.
17:25 Gated entrance to the subway from the Central Department Store, you can only get out near the restaurant "Lido". Turnstiles are already on all sides. Policemen declare that the metro station "Yakub Kolas" temporarily unavailable. "
17:20 Out of the subway toward Philharmonic blocked. In the underpass many employees of special services in tsyvilnym.Uvahod in CUM by deli "Capital" closed — works only entrance from the street Gikalo.
17:10 Organizers zalikali people gather on Yakub Kolas. Within a day or police conducted a series of preventive arrests, confiscated.
Yakub Kolas — lots of policemen. About Philharmonic along the boulevard Mulyavin installed turnstiles, people do not miss the square. Cost gukavmatsnyalnaya police car. Works snow removal equipment, a few tractors. Bus number 100 is not braked to a stop. Traffic policemen stand along Independence Avenue.
17:08 SMS message: "Approaches to the area police J.Kolasa iron block agarozhami yes construction equipment. Transportation on the area does not stop."

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