GAI must answer for it before the tribunal …

Evening on March 2 8-kilometer road Minsk — Mikashevichy tragedy occurred. To suspend an intoxicated driver nessya on the highway at a speed of 180 km / h and 40 minutes of running away from the police Slutsk towards the capital, inspectors blocked the road cars, not people, and landed there without telling them, for what it mattersetsya. Offender does not braked, and at high speed crashed into one of the cars and caught another. In the car, which hit the hardest hit, was a 3-year old child. Our reporter asked Grodno drivers otkommentirovat this situation.
Man: "I would have commented on this as a sin. How can shield was put living people, other people’s cars … I just do not understand it. "
First taxi driver: "There is a special equipment for this, and for what use personal property and living people?"
Second taxi driver: "Do not had put at risk the lives of people. "
First taxi driver: "Their work is specifically concerned with the safety of all road users. This service exists for this, and we must turn to them for help and not be afraid of them."
Second taxi driver: "If they want to bar and then the road, even though people warned and dropped. Well, what people put at risk …"
First taxi driver: "That look, in Germany, the Netherlands or Poland to the same traffic police zvyartaessya for help, and then only afraid that they did not stop you."
Man: "I do not get involved in politics."
Reporter: "So it’s only traffic rules …"
Man: "What we have everywhere injustice, and so perfectly clear …"
Man: "Look, when the television show American cops as they are on their own cars stop intoxicated drivers spihvayuts them astray. And here are our … this is completely wrong with regard to both drivers and passengers who have suffered. "
Man: "I have no words. Obviously, the traffic police did a very bad thing. They just only needed put tape on the road with thorns and suspend the machine. Well, people was necessary warn. I condemn their behavior. See, they put away their cars, and people put risked their lives … "
Man: "I believe that by" GAEVAYA "is incorrect. Generally, it is impossible to do so. And why do they put the cars of people, even if municipal machine set. Simply framed people. Well, they get their insurance: so what? And people have experienced shock, and could have ended even worse … GAI must answer for it. "
Man: "Traffic police should use other measures to prevent such a situation, and not to take people off the road … They should responsible for it. People need to apply for them in the tribunal. "

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