GAI of life and other people’s property

March 2 near Minsk tragedy occurred. To suspend an intoxicated driver who drove on the highway at a speed of 180 km / h, inspectors blocked the road cars, not people, and landed there without telling them, for what this is done.
Man: "This general lawlessness. Turns out that the" traffic cops "dispose of the lives of other people’s property th. I — specialist know what speed, I saw a lot of accidents. I have realized if the road was blocked lorries — vans there. Drivers and remove to partition and passenger … I have no words. "
Man: "Was necessary gun use. In GAI same annotation is. "
Man: "One hundred miles an intoxicated driver drove — and they could not suspend him. No action taken. There are also special-tape "hedgehogs". Needed using them to suspend the machine. They put people at risk. "
Man: "What shall I read — we have, in Gomel, while all excellent."
Man: "I think that this is incorrect — the human substitute."
Man: "Poor taught them. They are generally indifferent drivers. Was necessary out of town on the road to put spikes, instead of doing the shield of living people, putting them at risk. "
Man: "endanger, death. Attempted murder! Im sorry state machines, and human — not sorry. People buy it — he must be insured. That’s what logic! "
Lady: "Not if they had the right to establish" human shield. "
Man: "The issue is not yet closed. Investigation took prosecutors. Later will be all clear. "
Man: "It is incorrect on the part of the guards. This driver safety! Let understands prosecutors. Expels — not persecute, but something needs to be done with them. Mated all security organs as a spider in the network." Tags: Gomel, poll, driver, traffic police

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