Gave birth at home — Justify that your child!

In the West, the hospital there for every taste. There are hospitals, where the practice of "natural" childbirth. Under the watchful eye of lady doctors and then gives birth because his body dictates. Genera do not hurry and do not anesthetize.
There are clinics where give birth in water. It is believed that if a child from birth has the best breathing apparatus and is not afraid of water.
Belarus to such advanced methods are wary.
But there is something we do. For example, in the hospital’s patient Orsha step families — fight — the lady can go in the water.
"In fights less sore, well, psychologically lady reduces stress, if it is in a cushy vadichtsy yes has the ability to pour themselves out of the shower. Later is the second step — attempts — 15-20 minutes — and the child is born," — says Lyudmila Biryukova Deputy head doctor for medical parts.
While great popularity in the water fight is not acquired. 6 used only give new powers to the hospital in December last year.
In his own house and wall posodeystvuyut?
But childbirth at home enjoying criteria measured enthusiasm. My companion — midwife Marianne pitcher. She is 14 years practicing birth at home criteria. Education — gynecologist, also gave birth to their own kids in the house.
"The child is not separated from his mother, immediately eats, gets maloziva, adjusted to mom — and hence no problems later with breast uzgadavannem … Child cures mom — it reduces her uterus, and means it has fewer chances to catch paslyarodavy bleeding. Dame after rehabilitated faster delivery. Sensual relationship between her and the child is established immediately. "
Ms.. Marianne says that birth at home for yourself, you can afford only when there is physical and mental supratspakazannyav type:
"Diseases of the kidneys, heart, hormonal system, pradlyazhanne plyatsenty, stress, horror … If fear childbirth lady — do not give birth in the house" …
Essentially controlled by the body and mood
36-year-old Olga sleds from Minsk prepares pregnant women to measured and prosperous delivery using respiratory, physical and mental exercises. The system is based in the main on the experience of yoga. The purpose — to teach the lady manage their mental state, to get rid of terror, assist your own body and the body go through childbirth baby swiftly and without strain. Ms.. Olga herself gave birth to two babies in the house and directs it to their own students:
"If a woman is not sick, if prepared for this at all levels: spiritual, conscious, if she was walking perfectly entire pregnancy when realize what she is doing and why — in this case, I believe there is virtually no downsides."
Chief horror which have ladies before birth in the house, according to Olga, — fear of death:
"If you talk about birth in the house, first, what they say: Not that enough? On Actually, if labor are always appreciated as they pass — when possess information and understand how and what. And there’s always time to leave the hospital. "

To prove that your child

A child born in the house, recorded on a special method.
"We legitimately born is a child born in the hospital. ‘Cause out: it is necessary to prove that the child — yours. Through tribunal. Necessary to have a card exchange, witnesses statement, the tribunal considers it and gives the conclusion. And this is the conclusion — to the registrar "- says Olga experience.
There is another option — refer to the maternity ward third medical clinic in Minsk.
"When the lady came to us with a baby and we litsezreem afterbirth — we state the fact and issue a certificate of birth the baby" …
And yet to choose between the maternity hospital and birth in the house must very closely, listening to your own body and, and to the doctors — says Andrey neanatolyag Vitushko:
"There is a danger that if not everything goes smoothly, until the clinic can not be reached. Was a couple of cases in our office, that kid is not very good it all ended with" …
Comfort birth at home is really positive for the baby, confirms Vitushko. But you can only recommend them very healthy ladies. And there are now in Belarus, unfortunately, is not enough.

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