General Bulak-Balakhovich: adventurer or hero?

"General Bulak-Balakhovich was professional tactician before guerrilla warfare"

Michas Scoble
"Oleg, first let’s look carefully at the military career-Bulak Balakhovich. In 1914 he came to the first world war as a volunteer, and in 1919 received the rank of Major General. What contributed to this rapid rise of the ladder offspring landlord cook?"

Oleg Dernovich: "Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich was the scion of a cook, but had gentry origin. Homepage tradition was probably influenced the formation of the future warriors. Matter what war, especially a war most by what was the first global, promotes release of bold, inventive and clever politics people. Future General passed all military steps, starting with the lowest in rank, and a couple of years had already rank of lieutenant. In 1917, he received the George Cross III, and three of the Order of St. Anne. In 1918, still a captain, he led two divisions (about 800 fighter) from "the Reds" in the body of Pskov "the white." In June 1919, received the rank of colonel, and in July of the same year, the commander of the North-Western Army Lt. Gen. Radyanka appropriated Bulak Balakhovich rank of Major-General — for liberation from the Bolsheviks Pskov. Does he awards and to Estonia and Latvia, because the general departments, military units already as BNR, in 1919 — 1920 he held the position under Isborsk on anti-Bolshevik front. As shown subsequent actions, in particular military operations in Belarus during 1919, Bulak Balakhovich was a professional guerrilla tactics. general, specifically in dyversiynyh raids in the enemy’s rear-Bulak Balakhovich scored during the First World War. "
"Bulak Balakhovich Byelorussian felt right, and his transition under yurispundentsiyu BNR accidental"

Scoble"A white Russian army made Bulak Bulahovicha general. But he first ran to the Bolsheviks, and later wrote a report to the Chairman of BNR Anton Lutskevich requested to enroll him and all his army to" Belarusian service. "What general rule — some avanturnitskiya aspirations or patriotic beliefs? "

"There for me until everything is clear. BPR was not such a fiction by what it billed Russian historiography. Incidentally, after the body-Bulak Balakhovich ran under yurispundentsiyu BNR, the Estonian government for its maintenance certain sum of money. And this sum was credited as a municipal credit BNR! seems to me that true Bulak Balakhovich felt Belarusians. quote one stanza of his poem "The Cry of the Father", written in 1919 in Reval (today Tallinn)
Through the black clouds on the alien page
Looked at us with joy sun heat,
And I heard the noise of his relatives hand:
"Freedom is pounding in our little window
She stood up for their country all the children!

Certainly, it is not perfect poetry and poem-declaration poem-call. And its creator standards expressed very true. I think that talking about the events of 1918-1920, we must keep in mind about the very dilemma of political choice. At that time, the snow-white movement suffered a final defeat. In the midst of the chaos that reigned in Eastern Europe, choose their own support, their own political guideline is not allowed to be reincarnated as a military mercenary, the demand for which has increased dramatically. And the general and his men have found such support by clicking on the BPR service. "
"Formed two centers BNR, and the general did not know which of them to submit"
Scoble: "There was a legitimate government BNR. Not only had its own army. And here arises, as in the parable, the general and his army, and says: I wish to serve his native Belarus. Why still failed cooperation with BNR-Bulak Bulahovicha?"

Bulak Balakhovich in a certain sense and outwitted him, so Savinkov looked at Belarus as part of.

Dernovich: "Let us not forget that while legal cases solved transition Bulak Balakhovich the service of the Belarusian People’s Republic, December 3, 1919 there was a split at the highest BNR BNR Rada and People’s BNR Rada. Makarom Thus, the two governments have been made BNR. Highest in Parliament led cabinet left Anton Lutskevich, People’s Parliament appointed Prime Minister Vaclav Lastovsky. And before Bulak Balakhovich appeared problem — whose yurispundentsiyu recognize who obey? There are worth mentioning his collaboration with Boris Savinkavym — Russian Revolutionaries and terrorists. Bulak Balakhovich in certain sense and outwitted him, so Savinkov looked at Belarus as part of. coming in already in the process of Polesski campaign in 1920, appeared at the general and his own political ambitions: taking Mozyr, he appointed himself "chief of the Belarusian nation."
Scoble"In 1920, in Brest and Slutsk district Bulak Balakhovich mobilize in his army. Either people went to him? And in general — as were countless military forces, General?"

"In fact, the number of members ranged units. When General first arrived in 1920 from Latvia to Brest with him were about 800 people. September 27 Bulak Balakhovich freed Pinsk, with 1800 under the command of a fighter. Middle of October 1920 at the disposal of Bulak was Balakhovich about 5500 officers and soldier. Initially November camp Bulak Balakhovich also came Belarusian partisan detachment of Captain Timothy Hvedashcheni, which did not differ from the permanent parts (even had its own small orchestra), and a bit later to Bulak Bulahovicha joined by two partisan groups one out of Slutsk second near Minsk. departments in general also poured savinkavtsy and former Red Army. If a brother of General Joseph Bulak Balakhovich Slutsk spoke at the Congress, the figure referred to 60 000 fighter. But, apparently, he had due to general mobilization ability. "
"In Turov Balakhovich Bulak-kissed white-red-white flag and vowed that he would" not be a weapon until you liberate his native land from usurpers "

Scoble: "The army can not exist without the character differences, and no banners of the oath. Whom and under what flag swore fighters Bulak Balakhovich?"

If after 5 days in general has come Mozyr around town on this occasion were hung white-red-white flags.

Dernovich: "Naturally, in the office of" snow-white "was held under the Russian tricolor. In the initial period of alliance with the Russian forces Boris Savinkava this flag was used as well. But what we have with the description Polesski campaign in 1920. Nov. 7 general passed in Turov Belarusian plainclothes power Political Committee . At the local steel market in the ranks of the Belarusian troops. At the celebration arrived people from nearby villages and Jewish delegation. During the service were set before prayers for the Belarusian People’s Republic, and the success of its guns. Balakhovich Bulak-kissed white-red-white flag and vowed that "not make guns until liberate his native land from usurpers." If after 5 days in general has come Mozyr around town on this occasion were posted white-red-white flags. "
Scoble"How can we assess the campaign teams Bulak Balakhovich from Brest to Mozyr? It was a guerrilla attacks, or the coming of organized troops, which acted under the jurisdiction of the Belarusian People’s Republic?"
Dernovich"Certainly, it was a large-scale military operation, during which intensively used and guerrilla techniques. Act so called" volatile group. "Do not forget that the body-Bulak Balakhovich took control of a large region, and the
re began the process of establishing civilian Belarusian authorities . But at this time in the Crimea was completely crushed snow-white army. And Bulak Balakhovich proved to be the only opponent of the Bolsheviks. Naturally against him were thrown significant forces to resist he just could not. "

"Semitic applets Bulak Balakhovich had. His first wife was Jewish — Henrik Gorbel, the daughter of Dr. "

"Some historians blame General Bulak-Balakhovich in pogroms. Others, however, cast a shadow on his anti-Semites. Allegedly, his army was even Jewish shvadron which consisted of Jews and who also commanded the Jew. So where’s the reason?"

The program for cooperation with the Jewish population was proclaimed by them through the creation of Pinsk Jewish shvadronu

Dernovich: "Facts pogroms accurately recorded. These massacres committed specifically former White Guards and the Red Army who were in the army-Bulak Balakhovich — evidenced by appropriate slogans inscribed in the sources. These people believed that the Jewish population intensively cooperated with the Bolsheviks. Perhaps this and observed by the individual representatives of discriminated people. But punishment is not wearing a personal and collective nature. And it is — sin. Certainly, incidents of war do not give license to abuse. Though it is clear that none of this war can not do without. Then to general-Bulak Balakhovich can make a claim — he could not keep control of discipline in their own separate units operating in different locations. Another question — whether he had Balakhovich Bulak-Semitic sentiments and some anti-Semitic program working? And here I have to announce, that no anti-Semitic applets he had not. Instead, the program on cooperation with the Jewish population was proclaimed by them through the creation of Pinsk Jewish shvadronu which came in the 2nd division of Minsk. shvadronam This Zeitlin commanded lieutenant and served in it, according to various sources and at different times, from 70 to 300 fighter. available to our themes and facts of general privacy. Biographers note that his first wife was Jewish — Henrik Gorbel, the daughter of a doctor. From this marriage Bulak Balakhovich had three kids: daughter Lena (home-Aldona) and sons Medard (Julius) and Henrik (Martin). Kids were baptized as Catholics. After Henrik died in 1918, Bulak Balakhovich married second time with Baroness Gerda von Gerhard. Total Bulak Balakhovich was married three times, and each marriage had kids. Here is a rich biography home. "
"The Poles recognized generals rank-Bulak Balakhovich and appointed him befitting retirement"

"Back in 1922, Leopold Rodevich Vaclav Lastovskaya reported:" I am writing a book about Bulak Balakhovich. " Unfortunately, to this day a special study of general we have not appeared. True, this book was published in Poland in 1993. Its creator — Marek Tsabanovski. Who ceases its pages Bulak Balakhovich? "

"Absolutely — as a Polish hero of the War of Independence in 1920 and the defense of Warsaw from the Germans in 1939. Way, the Poles recognized his general’s rank and appointed him befitting retirement. Besides, the general came from a church family knew the Polish language, although read it with "kresovym" (Belarusian) accent. And poems in Polish, he still did not write. Here already triggered specificity Polish consciousness — if you’re Catholic, if you come from a "watercress", then this is enough to enroll you in Poles. Receive "Pole’s Card" and proper privileges … Although, we must admit, in the near future Polish creators write about Bulak Balakhovich and so "the Belarusian and Polish military, Gen. ix Rzeczpospolita Belarusian origin."
"Bulak Balakhovich worthy of public veneration in Belarus"

We should not conceal certain facts about his activities, but should also not forget the era, which occurred during his life and struggle.

Scoble: "Past Chairman of the State Duma Radyanka called Bulak Balakhovich" falshyvamanetchykam. "Recognizable Belarusian National Fascist General Akinchits christened" speculator Belarusian soul. " Prosecutor General of the USSR Vishinskiy called it "saboteurs and terrorists." So who is he in fact — Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich? "

"Certainly, it’s contradictory personality. But the general had to live in a controversial time, when we had almost every month to make choices and to think not only about themselves, and about the people who have entrusted their lives to you. Course and what Bulak Balakhovich left a mark in the history of Belarus. We should not conceal certain facts about his activities, but should also not forget the era, which occurred during his life and struggle. Belarusians have something to appreciate General Stanislaw Bulak-Balakhovich, because he is able to confronted the Bolshevik cluster. "

"In the village of Bialowieza (Poland) naming Balakhovich Bulak-named street. Would a similar way to honor the memory of General in the future Belarus?"

"I think so. Bulak Balakhovich worthy of public veneration. And that time will come."

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