General Kazulina: I suggested he refused

Among other Alexander Lukashenko stated that the issue of political prisoners is closed. According to Lukashenko, he, with constitutional law, accepted the decision to release those people.
"We have made an unprecedented step of good will, and now we’ll see how it will react to the EU and the U.S.."
Alexander Lukashenko also spoke about why not come premature release of Alexander Kozulin.State news source BelTA quoted Lukashenko: "As I am informed, this situation not satisfied with the 1st Kozulin. The issue was that his wife was ill. I was approached ambassadors Evrazyazu that condition aggravated spouses. Anything can happen. I agreed — let the spouse carries healing. We make her as best they could assist, offered her healing in Germany. Need to accompany her spouse in Germany. But as I am now informed Kozulin refused to cure. But it is a home problem, and I do not wish to interfere in it, "- quoted Lukashenko BelTA." What is required of me — I suggested. But he refused, even after, as came to him to persuade his daughter — help save the mother. But, again, that’s their business, "- said Lukashenko.
Olga Kazulina: "Lukashenko does not need to cover their intentions life of my mother"
We caught up with her eldest daughter Olga Alexander Kozulin. Here is her comment to post learned:

"I’ll ask Lukashenka no longer hide behind the people’s lives. During this will have to answer. Needless to say, that he is sorry mom and dad so let go. Suppose calls a spade a spade. If he wants to throw the country Kozulin, then do not hide behind other people’s lives . It’s just complete sacrilege. "

"Is it true that you went to the colony to persuade his father to agree to this option?"

"We drove to discuss what is on and what it has prospects for recovery", — said Olga Kozulin.

According to reports, the wife of Alexander Kozulin Ira breast cancer patients with late-1990s.

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