General plans to enter the roadway

We’re going on Yakub Kolas and will try to pass the claimed route. Very fundamentally for me, that the action took place with access to the roadway, because on another it will be just a betrayal of those Young people, are presently tested in a criminal case for the shares in February, when they for the first time Three years brought protesters onto the roadway, helped honor for this opposition and have criminal case. So here goes: if we do not go out on the roadway — we simply surrender. And if the next action will take place normally, as in at least some other country — carriageway — then criminal article for people do not go down the sidewalk in time demonstration — simply would not apply. Sous: With your sight: what the opposition rally to mark the days of the Will was the most successful during the time-independent Belarus?And, perhaps, the last event of the series — in 2000. Resonance did power itself cordoned Yakub Kolas APCs, soldiers with dogs, grabbed journalists. All the same demonstrations took place around the perimeter of the area, but there was a large global resonance. These shares — when there was a struggle for independence — were more impressive information.

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