Geography of Belarus at the Arc de Triomphe

Paris — open a history book
The capital of France — a majestic city, many streets and squares which are named after the heroes. Pantheons, obelisks, statues, memorial and triumphal arches remind the French of their warriors: fighter of 1812, 2- global wars kalyaliyalnyh and wars in North Africa … Some companies involved in any of these heroes, ended without glory. But that is no reason to forget about their exploits and torments.

Memorial table resembles an anguished death of the king and queen

Obelisks of the Place de la Concorde characters of the glory of Ramses II

Sign rue Bonaparte

Arc de Triomphe

Names of Belarusian cities on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte

Memorial to the French soldiers, victims of wars in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

Inscriptions "peace" in different languages
In this finish. Tomorrow promises to bring some of fotavrazhanni Parisian parks and gardens, it is curious, because here was able to catch the Indian summer.
Your outlet. October 21. Photoblog from Paris

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