Get a dialogue in 2-Alexandrov?

How can make dialogue with Belarus? This is my question Antanas Valionis answers:
"Well, how? Already had two meetings — one in Vilnius, the second — in Warsaw. Will third meeting. And I think on it already will be made policy advice on relations with Belarus. "
So called "group of wise men" has the very highest status — it includes ex-ministers of foreign affairs of their countries. Not counting Antanas Valionis, it, for example, former heads of foreign ministries of Ukraine — Tarasyuk, Bulgaria — Nadezhda Mihaylova, Hungary — Janos Martonyi, and others.
This group wants to uniformly support reforms in Belarus and lead to state so called broad dialogue. "We are ready to talk with both the opposition and the authorities," — said at a meeting in Warsaw, Aleksander Kwasniewski. He added that he is ready to come to Minsk with the fact that without any prerequisites to take part in such a dialogue.
"The likelihood of it even this dialogue?" — With this issue, I turned to former Ambassador of Poland to Belarus Mariusz Mashkevitch. My companion, who had recently started working again at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs own country, agreed to express their worldview as the unofficial person:

Kwasniewski expressed his willingness to dialogue

"Everything depends on the Belarusian side. I heard that Kwasniewski expressed his willingness to dialogue. He is ready to come to Minsk to meet. But if you will not talk to anyone, he will not come. He needs to make it talk to anyone. "
Sovereign Valenis so defines the coming objectives:
"We want to hold the best dialogue in the current situation. In my opinion, it is very curious — and for us, and for the administration of Belarus. "
Columnist Jacob Roman believes that the dialogue 2-politicians, even though their names are monotonous, and do not get:
"Names monotonous. But Alexander Kwasniewski other. No second, namely, the other ".
"In what sense?"
"World on the other. Kwasniewski still European politician. "
Aleksander Kwasniewski — One of the few foreign politicians avtarytyetnyh highest rank, with whom Alexander Lukashenko personally.

Their were no language barriers

Jacob: "I wish to remind you that during their first meeting in the Bialowieza Forest, first first term as president, Alexander Lukashenko, their were no language barriers. Kwasniewski has very excellent not only the British and the Russian languages. Yes, and it does not impact them some special cases. For example such as Putin and Bush, despite their different outlook. "
Aleksander Kwasniewski played a role of a mediator during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

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