Glasses: rally and march on the day Will forbade

Executive committee proved refusal that is not named in the application purpose of public events and no written guarantee of payment of expenses to ensure public order, honey cleaning and maintenance areas.
Answer signed vice-chairman executive committee Nikolai Belinski.
One of the applicants’ activities, chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev response of the Executive Committee referred formal unsubscribing.
"Shklovskaya imperative for vertical and there, so in Shklou all was quiet as a graveyard. Bureaucrats as a danger for their own peace of mind consider any manifestation of public activity. Since 1996 Shklou activities initiated by citizens, was not. Pickets, rallies and marches are prohibited "pronounced" Freedom "Grigory Kostusev.
Rally and march were held on March 23 in the city park. Applicants waiting in activities that perceive the role about 20 people. Tags: rally, day, glass, freedom march

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