Gomel arrested for distributing leaflets to the days of Freedom

Seven days in jail to hold 22-year-old inhabitant Rechitsy Andrew Strizhak 5 — 21-year-old worker and student Denis Alexander Gromyko Jaschan.
Police detained them in the second half of a day or more on March 21. At each were plastic bags with an abundance of leaflets.
In the Tribunal Young people brought from the detention center in handcuffs. Sovereign Strizhak said that since the arrest they took strike. In one of the chambers of the insulator, where they were kept, it was cold. Long time there was no water.
Police made against young administrative protocols inappropriate order of organizing and holding mass events.
As indicated in the minutes of March 21, on the street Golovatskogo house number 114 young people scattered mailboxes leaflets "calling take the role of in celebrations of days to gather and Freedom March 23 at the entrance to the city park. "
Admitted guilt in court only Denis Gromyko.
Jaschan Alexander explained that a friend has promoted its own carry Strizhak street Golovatskogo weighty folder. Spread not personally involved.
Andrew Strizhak testify in court refused. In the report drawn up by the police a day detention, he said that the leaflets with congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the BNR and an invitation to come to the celebrations received from Peter Kuznetsova.
Selected from Young people 5490 when detaining greeting flyers referee decided to kill him.

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