Gomel: the main building — the Regional Party Committee

Lady: "Peter and Paul Cathedral, I go there often. This — the only place where you feel quiet."
Lady: "Drama Theatre — a beautiful building on the main square, near the park. There — theatrical productions. "
Man: "My house — on another, which Gomel me this?".
Lady: "Buildings Executive Committee, Executive Committee. They are principled, lovely. In general we have such an ancient and beautiful city. I myself work in a building that is a historical value. This street International, 2. "
Man: "The park complex Paskevich — old beautiful buildings."
Dame: "The Circus — as memories of childhood"
Man: "Palace of Sports — I do there."
Lady: "Women on the street Antoshkin bullpen."
Man: "What is considered a major? If the impact, it is, of course, Executive Committee. And if a viewpoint what I like, this park Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace, I like it. I have the same two aspects. "
Lady: "We like" Bravo "," Nemo "- entertainment centers. Besides the" Mainland. "For young people, I think they the most important . "
Lady: "Drama, we love theater, go there. He — perfect. "
Lady: "By my views, became our wonderful circus. Around him very badon a walk with friends. Very fascinating statue Pencil and his dog. "
Man: "The most important — the Regional Party Committee."
Man: "As the chief glory, certainly, city council, the main post office. According significance apparently Executive Committee. There — head sits."

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