Gomel: Tribunal dismissed the complaint on the mother Dmitry Zhaleznichenka repeated expulsion from the Institute of offspring

Dmitry was on the court. It yesterday and now specially brought in from Zhlobin Gomel motor vehicle accompanied by the company commander Lieutenant Zhlobicha.
The judge Dmitry not taken aback, since it as a student activist and did not return immediately after the first charge:
"Fundamentally — that’s what we were waiting on the behavior of the judge was saying. She did not ask any questions of the defendants.’s Obvious she was not interested in what we had read, that read Defendant. Even a petition for a role in the process of human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla it is very durable and considered rejected without any preconditions. We do not have the motivation of the judge, but I think all of our documents, we set all the facts are true and are competent. "
Lawyer Peter Zhaleznichenka Borisov in disputes in court noted that during the second dismissal of Dmitry Institute in January there had been more violations than Last year in September.
Order to re-allocation rector of the institute issued on the day when Zhaleznichenka was not just on vacation, and th at the hospital because of high blood pressure. The student did not take the explanations given its execution in September arrest and a fine. Dmitry at that time was a student, and, of course, is not subject to institute internal labor regulations. Again same consent to re-allocation of students gave no trade union and its officers. In addition, the institute does not absolutely fulfilled prior court decisions about restoring Zhaleznichenka institute.
All these and other plaintiffs Rezonit Head of Legal Department vniversytatu behalf F.Skorina Valery Nedostup — a school representative by proxy — not guilty. In his speeches Dmitry Zhaleznichenka was presented not as a man of the highest honors and a civilian position as a violator of public order.
Sovereign Nedostup denied also that the Institute Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled for political reasons — as public activist and member of the BPF.
Chairman of the Legal Commission of Human Rights Center Harry Pahanyajla BHC, which was not allowed as a public representative on the process and who watched the Tribunal as ordinary citizen, so his opinion on the re-charge of the institute Dmitry Zhaleznichenka:
"After reviewing all the materials that were available to us, we believe that the student was expelled illegally. He was not reinstated by the first student court decision. Reason is that Dmitry did Tipo acts incompatible with the rank of the student. Tipo this he broke the institute internal rules. But at that time he was not a student, and to extend to him administrative penalties as a student is unrealistic. "
Mom Zhaleznichenka immediately after the announcement of the preparatory wrote an appeal to the Regional Tribunal.
Meanwhile Dmitry very fortunate in a car back to a military unit in Zhlobin. As the Zhaleznichenka: "Serve Republic of Belarus!. "

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