Gomel walked in the footsteps of fellow countrymen Semivolume Bodunova

Citizens of different ages with a white-red-white flags and the same balls came to the park on top of Gomel. Hence began a historical excursion, or, as readand activists solemn wandering around town.
Historian Svyatoslav Shapovalov said the audience about the events in March 1918, when the Bolsheviks passed Gomel troops of Imperial Germany, and the city went to Ukraine:
"Local communities Social Democratic Hulk sends delegation to Minsk Belarusian Secretariat People’s Republic of. She was concerned about the issue of Gomel. Gomel not want to be Ukrainian. Germans make the subsequent course. Gomel considered Ukrainian, but here are ready to take the Deputy Commissioner or Belorussian People’s Republic of. They are assigned to community chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hulk Joseph Yatsetski. "
Always while there was a sightseeing trip participants filmed two groups in civil operators. The park zvivsya and Deputy Head of the Central police department Sergey Efimenko. He became a sought end excursions, stated that she held illegally.

Participants of the celebration of the park headed Navabelitski district of Gomel.
In Novobelitse near public transport stops today "International" and the past century, there was a house where she lived Paluta Bodunova.
At the site of the house where she lived activist, a historical tour participants laid roses and carnations and launched into the sky and reddish white balls that carried through the city.
Gomel authorities decided to propose to rename the street today the Bulgarian communist leader Dimitrov in street name Semivolume Bodunova.
Eminent citizen was shot during the Stalinist terror.
Local historians believe that Paluta Bodunova may be buried in the 9th kilometer per Novobelitsey.

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