Greetings from the Chairman BNR Ivonka Survila

Dear fellow citizens!
Welcome to the stately anniversary in the life of the Belarusian people: ninetieth anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic.
After a century of terrible captivity and ethnocide, after 4 years of famine and remorse caused by someone else’s war on the Belarusian land, our people found themselves in the strength and dignity to announce to the world that he too wants to live free in this land that he also has the right to be the owner’s own home.
III charters BNR — Act or 25th March — an important document in our modern history. That first his wordsand:
"Year to reverse the peoples of Belarus together with the peoples of the Russian Federation took off the yoke of tsarist Russia, which was harder pressed Belarus. Without asking the people, he threw in our region conflagration that destroyed the town clean and Belarusian village. Now we are glad Belarusian People’s Republic, throw with his native land last yoke of state dependence, which threw against the will of Russian reign in our free and independent edge. From this moment, the Belarusian People’s Republic declared independent and free nation. Belarausi peoples themselves, in the face of the Constituent Seimas, decide on the future of Belarus alliance. "
We all understood, dear fellow citizens, that without the Act of March 25, without the Belarusian People’s Republic, there would now Belarusian people on this earth …
The Belarusian People’s Republic vspela but NOT fix novaabveshchanuyu government. While her neighbors recognized by our ambassador at Versailles failed to protect the right of the Belarusian people to self-determination. Our enemies were stronger. I Belarus in those days did not have in Washington, London and Paris friends who lyabiravali-b in its favor, such which had Poles and Balts. Revelation Belarusian People’s Republic led invaders but do BSSR. Rest of the story you know.
Russian period of our history, I called b-period of great heresy. BSSR was a vassal of the country, which was ruled by one of the more feral criminals in the history of mankind. To This time Nobody beat including — 100 million — the victims of communism.
Moscow slaughtered our people and immediately assured our enslaved people who had no access to the truth that it is the "brotherly people" without care which they can not do.
BNR Rada in mizhchase although ekzyli, continued to fight for independence. Its representatives in globally were the patrons of the rights of the Belarusian people, which he had in 1918, the year.
Gradually, despite the propaganda against us wildly Moscow and its vassal then — Minsk, we informed the world about free enslaved peoples, our history, our culture, our right to be masters of their own land.
To know about us, we tried to prevent Belarus words sounded at all the events in which participated other nations. We were so light that gave hope to embody the standards expressed in the act of 25th March.
Now we know that these standards will become a reality that our people should take honorable place among the other free nations of the world. So justvalilas Russian peoples bullpen fall apart and the current dictatorship that reigns in Belarus. Collapse, because a new generation grows Dashkevich, Finkevich and Sevyarinets, who live faith in the best future of Belarus and who peroymuts our struggle for translating the standards of the 25th March.
Belarusian people will learn that there is no coming without the free and self-contained Belarusian government. Remember the words of Constantine Kalinowski, who under the gallows papyarazhav us that we will live quietly and happily only if Moskaliev not be upon us, and the right to refuse service to foreigners lackey decide our fate.
Although I am no longer young, I believe that I will see more free and independent Belarus, such as it now was, would, if used, not the Bolshevik invaders attacked the Belarusian People’s Republic and its znyamozhyli.
Restore our beautiful region. People overcome our fear and rise because Risen Our Lord Jesus Christ!
So help us God! Long live Belarus!
Ivonka Survila, Chairman of the BNR

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