Gritsenko and Potapov voluntarily … exchanged babies

"Free Belarus" in 1918 published a telegram chairman of the executive committee of the Council and the All-Belarusian Congress of German Chancellor Gertlingu "now recognized throughout the world of culture right to samaadnachenne peoples will claim, that only is the population of Belarus, the method of free narodnago golasavannya, vyrashylo question about his own state ownership. ask will allow our delegate nibavna come to Berlin to work at addressing issues related to the Belarusian lands. "
"Star", year 1938. Newspaper endeared performance Attorney BSSR S.Novikov: "In the mountains. Rechitsy by criminal negligence nursing clinics were exchanged kids 2-Rozhanits … correct formulation of the court and collected confirmations prosecutors and the court was able to assure citizen Gritsenko, that a child who had it is, indeed belongs Potapova. As a result, after the decision Gritsenko and Potapov voluntarily, there is the same in court, exchanged the children. "
On pages "Homeland" on this week 1958 signed by Nicholas Abramchik printed Manifesto Rada Belarusian People’s Republic"Pavyvozili from Belarus rich archives of historical documents that svetchyts of power and culture-independent countries once the Belarusian and Belarusian scientists are forced to lie about their own people and his country, which is as if" there was never, "annoying introducing ears live sassy and heresy "upyarshynyu granted Belarusian people Bolsheviks "state independence BSSR {- this mocking caricature of self government}."

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