Grodno holders plates threaten Tribunal

Inhabitants wrote a collective statement to the prosecutor the October district of Grodno, that there is a requirement to stay in overall antenna viewpoint law. The prosecutor’s office sent a statement to the urban housing and utility sector. As said us one of the inhabitants, Maxim Garmash, the utility gave a written response. They offer to get permission to antennas in urban governance architecture. If permission is not, the inhabitants have to dismantle the antenna to the beginning of April. In another communal solve the problem of "the court", — said in the letter, which was received by the inhabitants of the houses on the avenue Astronauts.
The problem is, said Maxim Garmash, there is no mechanism "legitimize" satellite antennas. Because February 29 inhabitants of the houses on the avenue Astronauts requests to the Department of Architecture Executive Committee, that they officially responded: will issue a permit for the antenna, which they use is not the first year.

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