Grodno: Kazyuki official and other

St. Casimir, which are held in honor of "Kazyuki" Catholics considered the patron of artisans, folk artists. Both prazdnichkom visited our correspondent.
Reporter: "We hear you singing in Polish, is a singer Kaya, a song from the album, which she recorded together with Goran Bregovicham. Area in front of a cinema" Grodno "on the Russian street stretched a banner written in Belarusian" Welcome to "Kazyuki "duplicated and Polish" Zapraszamy na Kaziuki ".

Once I came to the blacksmith, immediately appeared buyers.
Here keys like medieval, they find during excavations archaeologist which can be open this key? "
Koval: "Castle".
Reporter: "Do you have such locks, you are doing them?"
Koval: "Please, I can do."
Reporter: "Implement activities Alliance of Poles, Polish songs sound. You have the feeling that this Polish prazdnichek or not?"

Reporter: "We visited the official" Kazyuki "and now we go to the other, which holds an unrecognized authorities Alliance of Poles led by Angelika Borys. Were the first on the street, under the open sky, and others — in the room. Yard, an old stone structure, a little feeling napavlegalnastsi.
Towards — painter Vaclav daisies. Vaclav, but you participated in the official "Kazyuki" and also in these uchastvuesh, in other … "
Chamomile: "And they, too, because for me" Kazyuki "- prazdnichek only. I see people have intrigued and they ask — what is it all the same for prazdnichek what "Kazyuki" who se St. Casimir? "And then you explain that St. Casimir lived here in Grodno, and even killed in Grodno. People do not know and when it became clear to them this new event. I am very glad that prazdnichek happening in town, and does not matter — it is more or official. I participate in it with pleasure. "
According to legend, St. Casimir constantly lived in Grodno and died there, he was about 26 years old. But he was buried in Vilnius, where there is a church, naming his betrothed. Know that when his body was vskrytstsi eternal. In 1521, Pope Leon X canonized him.

In the interwar time in Grodno was the street of St. Casimir. First, the 1990s, when Belarus became to be independent, Toponimical Commission offers a small street in the heart of the October town street name of St. Casimir. But the proposal did not find support among the deputies of the city council. Tags: Grodno, Kazyuki, folk

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