Grodno: Police interested in electoral lists of opposition

On the highway Minsk-Grodno about 20 kilometers from Schuchin of a police car that braked ahead "Opel" sovereign Sazonov, jumped police and detained opposition.
As said Yury Istomin us, they were taken to the police station Shchuchin saying Tipo will find fake money. Policemen intently searched the car, inspected the personal belongings, the contents of the pockets and purses of the detainees. But the more they are interested documents, lists Opposition candidates for future parliamentary elections Grodno in the area, the paper for registration of party structures. Policemen made copies of these documents. As said Sovereign Istomin, the detainees were released after three hours and 40 minutes.

Tags: political council, Istomin, electoral lists, boy, Sazonov

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