Haretski: This is not a thaw, and shuffling cards

Gorki"O" thaw "need to read very conditional, as after each release from prison of our activists regime is intensifying its repression. Artur Finkevich Just released — the same day arrange searched the room polochanki Catherine Solovevoj. Paperwork being — any results of the investigation wants to achieve. So we do not thaw, but rather like peratusovku cards. Well, of course, a very big concern of youth cause preventive arrests, detentions, and the other day while shares. And not just managers — ordinary young people: the same as Anton Kalinowski, as the same Lyudka Atakulava. "
Ulitenok"Before I strike businessmen trying in vain to contact you — that" lay on the bottom "?
Gorki"In these days of at least some, certainly, the young man, who was involved in politics feels to care for themselves, pressure. Razrazhayutstsa If your phone a day or half, then for sure — is shadowed. Because many phones on and off so as not to hit them in paws policemen. "
Ulitenok"On any definite plans for the near future will be able to tell?"

"The role in street protests and political campaigns Spring 2008 — from the days of Valentine’s day with the sequel to the Will. In This year it will be celebrated with an unusual scale. After the 90th anniversary of the BNR — a landmark event for those who appreciate the history of the Fatherland. Well, then — the role of the Young in the parliamentary elections. "
Ulitenok"And you do not plan to compete for parliamentary mandate?"
Gorki"At me still" hanging "conviction … And in-2, each has a sober assessment of their own abilities. And then faster is not about the ability of any pressure on the regime, and about the real role in this campaign. And when I see that more utility bring teamwork certain people, then why waste time zdavalnenne personal ambitions? But, of course, in our ranks there are some people who go to the polls in Minsk and in regions that are already at the moment collect their campaign staffs. "

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