Hatyn: Does it matter nationality punitive?

As stated on the official web site of the memorial complex "Khatyn", "catastrophe Khatyn — one of thousands of evidence of deliberate policy of genocide against the people of Belarus, which is produced in the Nazis throughout the period of occupation." Hatyn — one of 600 Belarusian villages that were destroyed during the Nazi occupation, together with the residents.
Sightseeing trip in Khatyn leads guide-interpreter Tatiana. Now it is brought to a small group of activists memorial German Chernobyl movement. The story about the murdered guide Belarusian village trippers from the south of Germany heed with tears in the eyes.
His first excursion trip to this memorial complex Tatiana held 30 years ago. Currently, the text of her tour is not enough different from the earlier version. Perhaps, moreover, that at this point in the story of the guide will not meet words of Oscar Dyrlevangera zonderbatalen SS man. This name is replaced with the word "Nazis."
"Either you tell guests about the real executioners — Ukrainian battalion Gregory Vasyura? This official historical facts, established over 20 years ago …" — I asked the tour guide Khatyn and hear such a response:
"Well, you know … Nationality does not matter. They entered the service of the Nazis, execute their orders. We say that it was a special SS battalion mission, saying that about 300 punitive surrounded the village."
Belarusian military journalist Vasily Zdanyuk, one of the first in the country told the truth about the disaster Khatyn not surprised of these approaches:
"Nothing has changed. Lofty Go to Russian War Museum. Seems to be a sovereign country, which could offer some new historical approaches to the subject of war atrocities … But …"
Vasily Zdanyuk, last magazine correspondent "Russian soldier" — one of the 3-Belarusian journalists who had been admitted to the meetings of the Military Court in Minsk in 1986. At the trial, which was held in a small courtroom of the Belarusian Military neighborhood street Frunze 8, 14 Tamov considered a case of the sins of the 118th Ukrainian punitive battalion.
This punitive battalion and had a direct relation to the Khatyn disaster. It was formed in 1942 near Kiev contingent of Russian prisoners of war recruited. Not counting the Ukrainians, it consisted of Russians, Belarusians, Tatars and other nationalities.
When the battalion under peradyslyakavavsya Pleschenitsy, to serve in it and did the locals. Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian battalion was Gregory Vasyura. The entire operation on the spot ruled Teuton Erich Kerner and Constants Smovski Pole.
By Basil Zdanyuka to not fatal conjunction of events, Hatyn would hardly burned:
"Here and there, on March 21 in Khatyn spent the night three underage boys partisans. During the day they went on the road to shoot. And it should happen, that in this time the station carried gavptmanfyurera Welke, 1936 Olympic champion in the discus kernel pet Fuhrer. And these guys the first shot kill pet Fuhrer. "
After firing the guerrillas go back to Hatyn and leave their footprints in the snow. If it becomes clear Pleschenitsy Velke the murder at the scene arrive SS formation. Initially shoot peaceful farmers of the village trump. And later on guerrilla trail punishers will move towards Khatyn. Summarize all known.
Neither in 1986 nor in 1987 nor in 1988 Zdanyuka materials and his colleagues did not have seen the light. A prerequisite for this was the petition to the Politburo first secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus and Ukraine Slyunkova Scherbitsky yes.
Newcomer truth about Hatyn could cause a variety of sudden questions to answer are not capable of even modern Belarusian society.
For example, who are partisans and whether they should bear the historical responsibility for their actions?
Either such a question: why compared with the First World War during the second world there was such a huge number of traitors?
According to military historians publicity time, on the side of the Nazis led war 147 thousand representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus, Tatars and Kalmyks, 90 thousand Estonians, 89 thousand Latvians, Lithuanians tyscha 21.5, 12.5 thousand Belarusians, Ukrainians about 180 thousand, 530 thousand Russians 94, 5 thousand Cossacks. Total estimated 1164500 Russian people.
And finally such moment why emblem destroyed 600 Belarusian villages was chosen specifically Chatyn, and not the same Dalva?
Journalist Vasily Zdanyuk binds such a choice for the construction of the complex on the location of the former village of Khatyn — near Minsk, on the road to Vitebsk. All very comfortable for organized tourism, which at that time was part of the Russian propaganda.
Some historians and journalists think of weird coincidence titles 2-villages — Belarusian and Russian Khatyn Katyn near Smolensk, where the Soviets shot the Polish people. Through the great similarity of these titles comes the inevitable confusion.
But back to the Belarusian Khatyn and to 118th Ukrainian punitive battalion. The main person of the court in Minsk Gregory Vasyura incriminate not only in the winding up of the population of the village, also in the massacre the inhabitants of villages Chmelevichy, District, Bobrovo, aces in the shootings of Jews in Naliboki Forest, shooting Belarusian kids …
"What external memory made it for you? — I asked Basil Zdanyuka. — Either it was a man with psychological pathology?"
Zdanyuk: "Outside the common man. But in some detail at the trial it was evident that this man very hard, aggressive. Certainly, the war in such people always something escalates. "
German journalist Reinhard Lyavterbah In the 1990s German radio correspondent in Ukraine and Belarus, and interested in the theme of the German occupation in these 2-post-Soviet republics. He says, after Battle of Stalingrad, the Germans sought to use its own military on the front lines, and aggressive work in any punitive battalions recruited former inhabitants of the western republics of the USSR:
"The Nazis sought to make all using local police. In most cases, the police were ordinary village boys who were promised that if they destroy the Jews, commissioners, other, then they can decide for themselves their valuables and property. As you know, they pay no means likely, namely that belonged killed. It seems to me that the argument that the punishers were some clinical psychopath is discussion. not rule out that there would be sadistic. But stocks heavily involved many people , that all of them assume sadists. " Tags: Hatyn castigators Zdanyuk

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