Heavy armored «Namer» («Leopard»). Israel

Heavy armored
As you know, the Israeli military equipment designers have acquired significant experience in the area of ​​the creation of highly protected combat vehicles using as a base base tanks: an engineering machine «Puma» (based on «Centurion»), BMP «Ahzarit» (based on captured T-55) BTR «Nakpodon» and «Nagmash’ot» (both also based on the tank «Centurion»). Now in Israel created a standard (model) based on the heavy IFV main battle tank of the Israeli army «Merkava» Mk1, get the serial named «Namer» (Namer — tiger). First acquaintance with this machine came on 7-10 March 2005 in Tel Aviv at an arms fair «Low Intensity Conflict 2005». Layout BMP «intend,» which was presented at the exhibition by Israel, according to the local representative of the popular magazine editorial JDW «exhibition is a model of technology with real components, which took all the necessary operational evaluation in a separate 84 th Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces and will be applied in Gaza after the show. «

As reported in the western sources, first in Israel in September 2007 was approved a five-year plan for the procurement of arms (before the budget, as well as all other municipal charges drafted strictly for one year). As pointed out by local spices, this plan has one specific feature — after many years of preferences for missile and aircraft technology, the authorities now decided to initially provide the necessary arms and military equipment own ground troops and armored base. Israeli experts note that a similar turn is due to the experience that was obtained in the 2nd Lebanon War, the Air Force demonstrated the inability to independently solve complex puzzles fight superbly camouflaged and fortified enemy positions. With all this land forces suffered significant losses due to inadequate protection of armored vehicles. To remedy the situation, the Ministry of Defense has allocated $ 1 billion. for the purchase of several hundred new BMP «Namer».

Layout BMP «Namer» was made on the base of the tank «Merkava» Mk1 way to remove him from the tower mounted cannon armament and technical equipment in the rear of the hull to prepare places for transporting 8-equipped infantrymen. In addition, the standard was provided loading stretchers for 1st wounded (not counting the landing). Place 3 more crew members are located in the front of the chassis. Marines occupied and leaving their seats through a special feed ramp installed with hydraulic drive and the crew — through hatches in the roof. Around manholes located periscope tracking devices, and in front of them — for fixing the turret weapons. Presented at the exhibition «Low Intensity Conflict 2005» layout was equipped with 12.7-mm machine gun mount remote twin circular rotation «Katlanit» company «Rafael» and 7.62-mm machine gun with manual control. In BMP used diesel power plant capacity of 900 hp AVDS previously installed on the tank ‘Merkava »Mk1. At the bow mount provided for attachment of the dozer equipment or mine trawl.

BMP has a reinforced armored underbody protection (Resettled security system of mine) and the upper hemisphere of the body (laminated and spaced reservations). Windshield reservation completely rearranged and strengthened also strengthened and aft ramp. Chassis and side flaps closed steel screens. In the coming BMP planned to equip active protection system «Trophy».

It is understood that the production version of the BMP «Namer» module will be equipped with remote control weapons state company «Rafael», including (in various flavors) 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun, 30-mm mechanical gun, 40-mm mechanical launcher. With all of this installation can be installed on the roof of the troop compartment specifically, and in the area on the turret hatches. Designing and building the first prototype BMP «» intend to make management development tank «Merkava» Israeli Defense Forces. In general, according to the Israeli military, a radical modification is tanks «Merkava» Mk1 led to significant cost comparable with the creation of a similar war machine «from scratch» (estimated $ 750,000). Thus, it was decided to develop a series of BMP «Namer» based on chassis manufactured in the current Israeli industry tanks «Merkava» Mk4.

Heavy armored

BMP «» intend, made on the basis of «Merkava» Mk4, is still stronger differs from the layout. Initially concerned beveled board protective panels on fender (allowed with built-in dynamic protection). In addition, the car has received a full and combat commander tower and the latest controlled remotely machine gun 12.7 mm caliber. Probability of conducting surveillance of troop compartment closer to the aft along the sides were provided projecting angle viewing glass blocks. Above them is a special six-barreled smoke grenade blocks. From the tank ‘Merkava »Mk4 BMP also inherited motor box and chassis.

Currently, several samples BMP has been done, and they came in a test operation to the troops. First cars equipped with diesel power unit 1200 hp These engines are used in tanks Merkava 3, but in the long term make out other options. By similar options should include an improved propulsion AVDS-1790. The total number of machines needed to IDF is 600 BMP Namer.

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