Helpline as a means of earning

Currently hotlines have Belarusian Ministry of Taxation, Ministry of Interior and State Security Committee. Or increase the efficiency of these bands designated departments?
Violators paid for 57 posts 442.3 million Belarusian rubles

Thanks disk imaging, received helpline Ministry of taxes and fees in 2006, the year the offender legislation is presented for payment, 442.3 million rubles, "- reports the website of the Ministry
This amount — a total of 57 responses to confirmed reports. A total of 2006 helpline 183 came Ministry reported.
"We have a number of messages is much higher," — they say in the press service of the Interior Ministry.
Last year, about 4,000 citizens left messages indicates Oleg Slepchenko, Acting Head of disk imaging and public relations of the MIA. About 20% of these messages require validation.
Helpline MIA: "We — the gear instance …"

"We do not consider the complaint. We — gear. We accept helpline information and pass it further along the chain of command — those who are interested in this disk imaging."
Taken into account and the message of the anonymous.
"We are considering all the information," — says Oleg Slepchenko.
Anonymity — means innuendo

Historian, researcher of political repression of the past century Igor Kuznetsov says that the opportunity to complain to law enforcement has been instances in the past:
"Phone numbers spacialist first Russian government was not. Just let people know that there is a state safety Committee, the State Control Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs — and there wrote letters so called workers — denunciations. And then there they were treated perceived solution: Let’s Move case or not. "
Igor Kuznetsov believes that anonymity — rather weak place hotlines:
"There are pros, there are cons … At a time when the need to fight terrorism, well, that there is much to say about something suspicious. But the message should not be anonymous, as it gives you the opportunity to insinuations neighbor with whom things are bad. "
Progress allows you to complain … comfortable

"But no one will rush headlong descent punish anyone — the person or company — information, verified Albert" — convinces Oleg Slepchenko.
Question about etychnastsi anonymous disk imaging does not disappoint and the Ministry of Taxes and fees:
"It — it is comfortable. Simply progress opens new abilities, more effective. About phone even read nothing — at least some of the web user can throw a message for us on our Web site."
Human rights activist, last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky also sees problems in anonymous hotlines:
"According to some anonymous statements will not open a criminal case. There is no danger. Especially since there is given a specific time to check certain facts. Plus hot lines, in my opinion, is which can be complain to the bureaucrat who pulls a bribe to any abuse of possibilities … "
Interior Ministry officials to acts, says Oleg Slepchenko, last wasabout 700 complaints. In 80 cases, policemen punished.
Actual credo — Prof. complainant

The difficulty for operators hotlines — in quite frequent appeals pathological complainants.
"The girls who work on the phone, even find out some voices. Thats more call, then less. Frequency kind" — they say in the press service of the Interior Ministry.
Such people prof language doctors called "pathological kverulyanty," says psychiatrist Basil Varazhtsov:
"Name them — paranoid. People who seek out enemies everywhere, write complaints, arguing … This is not necessarily a disease, it may be simply a manifestation of pathology character, personality pathology."
Yes, and their complaints have to react.
"One law for all. Once a man approached us, or does it every day — we must respond to the call," — they say in the press service of the police department.
Care of people — budget revenue
Based on the statistics of the Ministry of taxes and fees, care of the Belarusian people — business profitable. More than 442 million Belarusian rubles unable to recover from the guilty only because of the third part of messages on a telephone hotline. On the other hand, based on the numbers of complaints about hundreds were empty. Tags: budget, care, mousse, telephone, confidence, mental

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