High Tribunal dismissed the case against the BHC

"Finally made a fair decision. Guess it applies not only to our organization. This is evidence of a common situation in the country to return to the legal track," — commented on the decision Supreme Court Acting Chairman of the BHC Hulak.
In PoseLast year Appealed to the Ministry of Justice Supreme Tribunal with the request to stop the activities of the BHC Tipo for violation of tax legislation. Now it became clear that these claims bureaucrats refused themselves.
"At the moment we try to get our Exchange accounts to continue to operate vsepolnotsenno" — said the organization plans Hulak.
Recall four year reversed BHC was accused of tax evasion with TACIS technical assistance which the European Union allocates, among other, on human rights applets. As a result, foreign currency account organization froze against BHC chairman and head bookkeeper brought criminal case, and EU funding programs finished. Management of the European Union and human rights organizations claimed the world from Belarusian authorities end the persecution of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. Tags: BHC, lawsuit, ministry, supreme, Justice Tribunal

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