Housing prices in Belarus uniformly fall

The middle name and other circumstances that demand in the market at the moment are significantly higher than the demand. What to expect in the near future?
According to professionals, for past year price of a dwelling in Minsk increased from 1,200 dollars per square meter in January to December 1990 dollars, in other words over 50%. Record growth occurred in the first quarter of 2007, when every month per square meter "harder" by 10-15%. Then the proportions are not as prominent, but first winter prices fixed at about 2000 dollars per square meter.
Since the beginning of 2008, the prices came down. So, compared with last year’s October in January "square" has fallen by 35-40 bucks. In the spring on certain categories of dwelling number dropped by another 100 bucks. By the summer of experts at predicting the imminent fall in property prices. As the director of the association "property" Nikolai Prostolupov, the secondary market price of the capital until the last month of spring will be reduced by 10-15%. In absolute figures, a square meter can "palyagchets" 200-300 bucks.
Tatyana Markova realtor says that at the moment the real estate market just awakening after the winter lull and predict something difficult:
"So, as before bid exceeds demand. And at the moment still — calm. Prices fell by more tangible ordinary apartment — first "Khrushchev", "brezhnevki" and standard options, especially as for Least popular locales. I their clients at the moment I can find one-bedroom apartment in the area of 77 thousand dollars, and even has a good selection. And at these prices so quiet is that the week will take place — and no bids. People are sitting on the phones in the agencies, but no calls even — for a day, two, or even a day or three. "
Managing Agency "Your capital" Lyudmila Krasouskaya convinced that at the moment property prices have become more fair, and after haphazardly "Hapuna" apartments when almost did not matter any area, nor age homes, evenly division begins with "The old" and "comfortable ":
"We can say, that at the moment is more than a bundle of prices for high-quality and poor housing, by districts. If you take a comfortable home, it, on the contrary, even a little more expensive. Cheaper old house, including ordinary "sockets" 1970-80 years, prices slip slightly. But no meaningful drop. A new home and even more expensive. And categorically states what’s happening fall, you can not. Earlier, when not enough apartments, and buyers were more, then no matter what apartment in any district was expensive: that the factory district that Uruchcha — apartments are equally worth almost. At the moment the bundle by districts — of favorite unpopular. Center — expensive Uruchcha — expensive factory district. "
Ms. Krasouskaya states that in some cases all possible square meter "Khrushchev" 2000 dollars per square meter has plunged to 300-400 Fri:
"Yes, and in fact they are even more exposed than in 2000. Currently, for example, on Vaneeva district Tractor Factory, 1700 bucks meter. And in Factory area when the" Khrushchev ", so even cheaper. Naturally prices still depend on which area of this "Khrushev." If you take the street on the First of Kedyshko area or Volgograd, it is somewhere in 1800 dollars per square meter. 2000 stored closer to the center. other words there still is in almost all depending on the area. "
Karespendent: "Most of the professionals are inclined to conclude that last year’s increase in property prices — not adequate?"
"Well, of course! Practicable All our political game. Precisely, our not quite: it is oil, construction materials more expensive, the buck" shaky. "In other words, if we have the same kind of inconstancy is, it directly reflects the property. All of Because of this, I think. "
The problem of housing, many countries successfully solved through so-called mortgage lending, where "expensive and small" loans was substituted by "a cheap and long." Shred home under mortgage programs in Western Europe achieves 70% of mortgages issued in England for a maximum of 2%; neighboring Our homeland started with 15% at the moment — 8%. Loan maturities — 25-40 years. In Belarus, the ability concessional lending criteria no. Approved by the Council of Ministers of days concept of affordable housing provides for: the development of mortgage lending in Belarus may be the "first step" of its implementation in 2010-2015.

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