How does dictation in Poland?

Linguistic ordered republican contest was a radio journalist from the town of Katowice Christina Bohenek, segodnyaschy senators. As she razkazvae, in 1985, after the birth of her daughter, she was on maternity leave, had a lot of time listening to the radio and watching TV. Her impressive unpleasant language groomed politicians primitive terminology, phrases and beaten drennnae general familiarity with their mother tongue on the street and in various media. That’s when she discovered that a recognizable French writer Bernard Pivot, which specialized in cultural affairs, using the Sorbonne and the Institute of French Ministry of Culture organized by the French national championship artagravii. Behenek decided that if the test familiarity with the native language of the French sense, given the difficult spelling of Polish language — the more competition makes sense in Poland.
With the support of the authorities
After staying Christina Bohenek shared their ideas with the management of public Radio in Warsaw, and then supported her initiative. A year later, Congress passed the culture of the Polish language. Journalist appeared in Congress, spoke with prominent linguists and invited Dr. Valery Pisarku, so he headed the jury. Doctor and other linguists agreed, and so Makar, in 1987 in the estate of the regional branch of the Polish Radio accomplished first dictation with the role of several hundred people.
It should be noted that this was still under communism, to cheap funds Municipal Radio and Television Academy and the Ministry of Culture. Since the beginning of the 70s until the time of Poland’s accession to the European Union in the country conducted a course on language and cultural homogenization. Say: "we all live in Poland and all of us — the Poles." The current government also supports prapagandavanne Polish as a useful and necessary.
How is the dictation?
Beginning were moderate, but every year the participants were more. The Organizing Committee has developed precise rules of competition betrothed "nationwide dictation." Those who wish to express their know had time to complete and send your application. Accepted a limited number of applications, not more than six thousand, because so many people put in a big concert and sports hall in Katowice.
The contest is held in 2-main age groups: under 16 years of age and older sixteenth They should without any dictionaries and encyclopedias, without outside help write a special, difficult text, cooked some philologists, or received in a separate competition for the best dictation . Each adult can offer Pole own text dictation up to 220 characters and get a credit for four thousand bucks. Lyrics — usually very complex, with lots of words from different areas of knowledge, with the names of the rare fauna and flora — read Prof. speaker or actor. Polish spelling very difficult. Lots of words and letters are equally pronounced, but written differently.
Techno party
Contest participants arrive in Katowice, settle and feed on their own account. Initially services were purely symbolic, but gradually the three main favorites have become increasingly valuable services — from 15, 10, and five thousand dollars, and two 10-ka man — real merit. If a lot of correct answers — additional competition held among those who wrote unmistakable. From 93rd year under dictation shall be additional contests for politicians, actors, athletes and entrepreneurs. Dictation itself is broadcast live on the municipal radio and television, and in today hundreds of thousands of people sit in front of televisions and radyepryymachami, to try their hand and participate in the dictation.
Expanding Competition
-Republican dictation became so popular, that it began during the year separately carried out on a regional or urban uzrovzni. According to teachers, current time dictation became all the more necessary, since the young people read less, expanding the impact of mass culture and the use of foreign words, and the language of the web and esemesav has not enough to do with spelling. And this despite the fact that the Polish language is not at risk of marginalization, there is the threat from the Russian language, as it happens in some of the former Russian republics. Many simply understands that modern language is becoming more lightweight and primitive. Obviously, during these dictations happens a lot of surprises and funny stories, because it turned out that the poor knowledge of the spelling of the native language, those who should know: editors of favorite publications, journalists and teachers. Even Prof. linguists make mistakes and recognize that they smuschyayutsya participate in the competition.

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